9:39 PM

It just gets better - even when you have no more fucks to give you find more of them to get rid of (63 but honorary millennial)

9:19 AM

One time when I was in grad school, a new grad student showed up one morning with his very pregnant wife and all their stuff in a truck outside, asking us for help finding a place they could rent right then so they could unload their truck that afternoon (they had moved out of their other place the previous afternoon Read more

8:35 PM

Congratulations on #420!! But — I can’t be the only one wondering, what is a trampoline-covered murder pit?

11:35 AM

Kinja isn’t letting me reply to anyone but thank you all so much! facw, thanks so much for the insider perspective. Do you think I need to spend more than $1000? Quasi Hatrack, I like your style :-)) Really, thanks so much everyone!

9:01 PM

OK a doorknob, not helpful. All a higher power is, is the admission that there is something more powerful than yourself. You’re a power, it’s a higher power — that’s all. How about nature? They say you should pray? get in touch with nature. Feel overwhelmed? connect with nature. Need answers? nature/science/biology Read more

8:51 AM

I can only say what I did when I was in exactly the space you describe (and had been in it for like 15 years).  I got involved with the local bluegrass/old time/folk jamming scene and eventually rebuilt an entire social network from zero, in my fifties.  Even if you don’t already play an instrument or sing, slower Read more

3:32 PM

If it’s a well-established plant, you can probably (and should probably) prune it all the way back to the new growth happening at the bottom.  Be a dragon!

8:50 AM

Absolutely agree on every point. You are the one someone should interfere FOR, you are the one who requires protection. Involving higher ups is essential here. She might be doing this to others on campus and no one will ever know that unless this information is passed along — upwards. The problem isn’t that she Read more

10:40 AM

I definitely think a professional photographer and web design is a worthwhile investment in yourself and your own career. For you, I think it in some way should involve the Fluterpups?  You need a point of difference from all the other people with that magical aura, which you will totally have and you DO have -- but Read more

12:10 PM

It’s dreamy -- I can just ear her saying it! And I agree, I can’t wait to see this!

4:35 PM

Well, but was she able to make any affirmative suggestions? Honestly, you don’t need to worry about your off-campus peers. Everyone understands what needing to get tenure means. As a former academic I would advise against the kinds of essays you’re describing here — that is, they sound awesome and important, but I Read more

10:55 AM

Unless you are a professor of Religion (like me), you should have no problem at a Catholic liberal arts college.  And even for me, one of my favorite jobs was at LaSalle -- the Christian Brothers are super open.  It depends on the order that runs the college.

3:04 PM

Eucerin q-10 night cream — it is awesome, and fragrance free.  I think it alarm comes in a ‘redness relief’ version but I’m not sure if that’s just marketing or an actual different formula.

7:38 AM

I binge-watched it all day New Years.  I LOVED it, however, unfortunately my house is already very neat.  I love how she says “I love a mess” -- I feel the same way IF I can clean it up.  I teach yoga in the same room as a thrift shop and I’m itching to tidy it!

6:07 AM

Yes, I have --nthey sent me a nice reply and comped the ride and said they’d talk to the driver but beyond that I have no idea what happened.  You should never feel unsafe -- report away!

6:54 AM

I am from NY and have never even heard of rainbow cookies, though they sound interesting. Today I’m baking chai-flavored sugar cookies,  pistachio-rose shortbread, and chocolate crackle cookies :-)

7:45 AM

This person is saving nothing for retirement??  I call bullshit on this.

6:45 PM

If you aren’t allowed to paint an accent wall, removable wallpaper now exists and it is a good way to cover a lot of square footage. Normal sized posters and art can look dinky in size against so much open space, so color is a great way to scale that down!