Derek Jeter, according to Fortune, is a greater leader than Gabby Giffords

Rice Krispies TREATS cereal was so fucking good many states banned it based off the sugar content (or so i was told when trying to buy boxes, wholesale, from supermarkets across Pennsylvania). Read more

Marchman was reported to HR immediately after the list was posted. Read more

The best is the song about a guys daughter who dies because they didn't make it to the hospital in time due to protesters blocking traffic. This should be a parody band, but their frequent appearances on Fox and friends probably rules that out. Read more

Reading that revealed this band's lyrics which establish them as, essentially, "white power light." Read more

Inside a typical, non-descript industrial park, inside a typical, non-descript building, there is a basement. In this basement, there is a room that is usually locked. Outside this room there is a security guard, who is usually breathing and does not usually contain a .38 caliber size hole in his forehead. Inside the Read more

NBA Players: We want less material! Read more

"I'll show you a thing or two about sitting on a rim." Read more

The NBAers lost the game, because they'd like to return home Read more

If no one ever says anything, nothing ever changes. Read more

It's a clever homage to the fact that most people who eat at Jimmy John's are high/wasted. Read more

It would have been 64 but he rimmed out a five footer. Read more

Whether he'll admit it or not, after hearing this I can guarantee you Jay is on pins and needles. Well, at least needles. Read more

Here's a leaked look at how WWE edited the end of Wrestlemania 20 for future dvd releases:

Just arrived in my inbox...

Rob Ford: [enters drunken stupor] Read more

Can you really blame him? Letting Bush take the fall hasn't failed him yet. Read more