Mar 6 2014

Rice Krispies TREATS cereal was so fucking good many states banned it based off the sugar content (or so i was told when trying to buy boxes, wholesale, from supermarkets across Pennsylvania).

Mar 6 2014

Marchman was reported to HR immediately after the list was posted.

Feb 22 2014

The best is the song about a guys daughter who dies because they didn't make it to the hospital in time due to protesters blocking traffic. This should be a parody band, but their frequent appearances on Fox and friends probably rules that out.

Jan 28 2014

Inside a typical, non-descript industrial park, inside a typical, non-descript building, there is a basement. In this basement, there is a room that is usually locked. Outside this room there is a security guard, who is usually breathing and does not usually contain a .38 caliber size hole in his forehead. Inside the Read more

Dec 12 2013

It would have been 64 but he rimmed out a five footer.

Dec 10 2013

Whether he'll admit it or not, after hearing this I can guarantee you Jay is on pins and needles. Well, at least needles.

Nov 20 2013

Here's a leaked look at how WWE edited the end of Wrestlemania 20 for future dvd releases: