1:14 PM

Exactly. Once again, the media is spinning the story in ESPN's favor following ESPN / Disney's storyline while ignoring the really pertinent facts. ESPN takes milioons and millions of dollars in tax breaks, AND millions and millions of dollars in actual tax money GIVEN to them by the state of CT, all the while laying Read more

12:54 PM

a final word for 2013 on this topic: As one of the 400 plus who were laid off in May.....I wouldn't work for ESPN OR Disney again if my life depended on it. I was fortunate and found a great job. The new job, in a place where people are treated well, and the management isn't populated by womanizers, asshats, and just Read more

6:32 PM

These smaller cuts, in conjunction with the larger layoffs in May, June, and July, are really indicative of something larger going on at ESPN. That's what so interesting about all of this. Under John Skipper, the network way over extended itself, financially, on rights and on 'stunts' like hiring KO back to 'fight' Read more

4:07 PM

no they won't. I've been trying for a week to get an airave as I have 0 bars at my house and they will only give them to you if you have 4 or more lines at your home. Single user with no signal, you're out of luck. I actually had someone at sprint tell me maybe I should change carriers. Can you believe that.

9:25 AM

Good ol' ESPN, standing up for what's right - NOT! - as per usual. the lack of moral fiber is of very little surprise. The place is being managed by fools, womanizers, and all around complete jerks. A VP in Technology was stuping someone ewho reported to him, while married (he also had managed to never tell his wife Read more

9:12 AM

The absolute hypocracy of ESPN with their new 'Together We Triumph' logo. 400+ people paid for this Liberace style studio, DC2, and the paranoid foolish over-spending on buying up rights to keep them away from big evil FoxSports and NBCSports. ESPN won't ever go away completely, but they are on the downside of the Read more

6:21 PM

just another sign of how desperate ESPN is, and how intimidated they are about Fox Sports and NBC Sports. ESPN under John Skipper is like Apple after Steve Jobs died. Skipper is no Bodenheimer, he's just another clueless overpaid hack of a CEO who hasn't had an original, innovative thought in his life, who will be the Read more

2:09 PM

Olbermann won't be there long. He lasted how long at MSNBC, then at Aljazera (or whatever it was called). If he makes it a year, I'll be surprised. This is a desperation move on ESPN's part, fearing he'd be snapped up by Fox or NBC. As they did with over-paying for all those rights packages (the ones that cost 400 Read more

6:55 PM

It always continues to amaze me when people can so callously disregard other people's lives in the way that John Skipper has with that comment. Those "bunch of jobs" weren't JUST jobs. Each one represented a person, and their family, and their lives. Each job 'eliminated' was a personal disaster for each of those Read more