2:10 PM

While I find harsh penalties on matters such as drug using totally useless, in this case we need serious deterrence. The perps of these kinds of crimes are really cowards privately. They wouldn't do it if it were highly risky. Read more

4:05 PM

Yeah, I watched a bunch of AGDQ stuff while I was at work (2 computers, don't worry, I'm not slacking) and it was incredible to hear some of the stuff they knew about the games they played. Hell, in the Shovel Knight run, they were chatting back and forth with a few of the developers of the game as they played, Read more

3:15 PM

We'll be posting personal top-10 lists as well, and I imagine you'll see SM3DWorld on most if not all of those.

3:14 PM

Super Mario 3D Worlds is just the best game to play this year. I can't really describe the wonder and joy this game gives me. It's like that first time you play Super Mario Galaxy, you know it's going to be fun and special. It's just a blast to play and it makes me feel like a kid again and honestly, that's an amazing

1:12 PM

I'm sorry, but how does the Wii U get a no but the Vita gets a yes? There are still hardly any games worth getting on the vita, and if you own any of the major consoles that number goes down significantly. Do not buy someone a vita if they already own a PS3, Xbox 360 or a PSP. Buy them a 3DS instead.

1:04 PM

Indeed, I spent most of my time playing the game on the Wii U controller screen, just because it was more convenient
Read more

12:26 PM

Ok, Stephen. Let me tell you why I'm really close to swearing off Kotaku: You guys are obviously in Microsoft's back pocket. Read more

2:19 AM

"Wind Waker sets you off on a dull collection quest just as you're building the momentum to take down the game's antagonist Ganon." Read more

4:20 PM

When I play an RPG, I don't want cyphers; I want people. I want personalities. I want to go on an adventure with people who have motivations and flaws and conflicts and relationships, and I want to see how they evolve—both narratively and mechanically—as they overcome the obstacles along their way. I want to see Cecil Read more

1:38 PM

Thankfully I overcame this pretty quickly. People always scoff when I say that because I have a 75k gamerscore but it's because I've just played a lot of games, not because I've sat there and 1000k'd all of them. In fact, I only have something like 5 games maxed out. Achievements really do affect how people play games Read more

3:55 AM

What do they care? They're just going to shut down all the servers for 360 games within the first year of the Xbone being out anyway. The online pass will be unusable to begin with. I can guarantee you there will be nothing active for 360 games as quickly as EA can flip switches.

9:34 PM

Publishers and developers getting a cut of used sales, cool. Microsoft getting a cut? No. Absolutely not. Read more

2:12 PM

The greatest intro to any game ever. Thank you Jonny Moseley.