Tuesday 12:02AM

Win 95: Good.
Win 98: Bad.
Win 2000: Good.
Win Millenium: Bad.
Win XP: Good.
Win 7: Good
Win 8: Bad
Win 10: Good
Win 11:  Not a good precedent, but it can’t be Vista-bad can it?  CAN IT?

Monday 12:13PM

Hello my fellow Jalops — I was thinking we should start a car company. All you need is a passion for cars, making grandiose promises, and then not delivering on any of it. I feel like we’ve known each other for a while, and with our shared knowledge and ability to creatively riff together, I think we could put Read more

Monday 9:57AM

Every time I see stuff like this, I get flashbacks to every Halloween growing up when my costume felt SO on point, but mom made me wear a jacket. Read more

6/11/21 4:41PM

If only there was a publicly funded way of transporting large groups of people all over the island without needing to have everyone drive their own car.

6/10/21 11:11AM

You are a great example of why people don’t enjoy this place as much as they used to. I’m sure you have a great one-liner come back for me, fully loaded with sarcasm, but my statement is true. Stop being such a douchebag in the comments and maybe take the criticism to heart to make the site better.

6/09/21 7:15PM

So what does that make this film?

6/09/21 2:14PM

Every time I see that title, I think of this

6/08/21 9:27AM

I want a Maverick Lightning.  If EV’s aren’t the perfect way to bring back small trucks, I don’t know what is.

5/23/21 11:56PM

An “abusive workplace complaint” is not the same as “staff complained about an abusive workplace”. A complaint is a serious formal process. Read more

5/21/21 1:37AM

From my personal experience its that the F150 simply lacks the mass to tow 12,000lbs of trailers at higher speeds. Mine was a 04 hitting the scales at 5,600ish without anyone or anything in it. Heaviest total rig weight was 15,000 lbs with a 1/4 tank. (what I had when I hit a mandatory weight station). That was enough Read more

5/20/21 5:49PM

The real answer here is that if you tow larger trailers longer distances, this probably isn’t the truck for you (though the Hybrid F-150 probably is).

But the reality is that for the *three quarters of a million* F-150s sold last year, there’s an incredibly large number of owners that don’t tow anything, or tow very Read more

5/19/21 11:52AM

If Chibnall had pulled off his retcon as well as Rian Johnson, we would be in excellent shape. It wasn’t a terrible idea - it gives a nice nod to the fact that the Doctor is just utterly different than every other Time Lord we have ever met. Outside of Romana, that is - and even then, she only became the Romana we all Read more

5/17/21 4:30PM

A company couldn’t bill its customers so they decide to cause a fuel panic because they can’t get out billing.  Let’s not play stupid here.  In terms of harm reduction, Colonial utterly failed.  Yes, the hackers screwed up when they targeted Colonial, but this whole comedy of errors couldn’t have played out more Read more