Nov 18 2017
A much needed track day

So my 911's engine blew up at Laguna Seca in 🤔 .... February? (So stoked that it is back on the road by the way —

Nov 12 2017

Seems more like he’s currently living his glory days to me.
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Sep 30 2017

Don’t get all the hate for the C4. It’s fun, cheap entertainment. I know I like mine...

Sep 14 2017

That looks good in silver. Especially with the early wheels. I’ve used mine as my DD since I bought it and will continue to do so until it gets too cold for the summer tires. I have loved every minute of it. Even creeping along in Chicago rush hour traffic.

Sep 11 2017

Yeah see if/when I go down that road, I gotta go down it all the way. Intake, cam, exhaust, heads, get a good tune... The list goes on.

Jun 2 2017

Fucking hilarious 

Apr 12 2017
Got Some New Tires

Since the tires that came on my car were 10 years old, the first on the mod list was to replace them.

Apr 11 2017

I think it looks like someone parked a 2015 too close to the barbecue, and its nose melted and slid down a bit.

Feb 2 2017
Longing for a time...

some years ago. School gets out. It’s late May. About 75ish degrees. My friends and I all walking out to our cars.

Jan 6 2017
The snow approaches...

Here in VA we are about to get our first snow of the season and I can’t wait! Pic is from last year, but now that

Jan 3 2017

Here, let me fix it:

Jun 16 2015

Please show me a better looking, better performing car for $3k?
I would love a C5/C6, but 2 kids in daycare tell me that not going to happen any time soon. I have done 3 track days, running advance group, never been passed.

Jun 16 2015

The C4 Corvette was a game changer, for the brand, when it came out in ‘84. The late C3 Vettes were embarrassing and were ruining the Corvette image/legacy. The C4 saved the Corvette from mediocrity and put the Vette back in the game. Just look at how it has evolved since then!!! Read more