1:29 PM

it’s just a picture of legs that cuts to an image of a man standing in a burning house and he has a goat head and his eyes are the black of the void and then it cuts back to an image of legs with paint on them and then it’s the goat headed man and he’s closer to the foreground and I can smell sulfur and then it cuts Read more

10:35 AM

“The closeted perv has never come out as gay”

Because he very well may not be; being a child predator /= gay. Abusive sex is about power, not identity.

1:14 PM

I... I'm sorry, George. Is there no editing process? Do these articles have to get shot directly onto the page within seconds of your deadline? How long could it possibly take to edit less than a page of copy? Read more

2:44 AM

Mmm, yes and no. Over the long haul, you’ll be faster at the surface swimming freestyle. There is more friction at the surface, but you are able to more efficiently use your arms. But off of the starting block or the wall, where you get to kick off, it’s unquestionably better to get in a really streamlined position to Read more

10:23 AM

At about 5:40 of the video he uses the most Canadian unit of time: “... about three-quarters of a beer...”

2:14 PM

Recheck that shot. They seem to be across from the Chinese restaraunt. Maybe it’s located near the firehouse? (Recall the meal being consumed in the original just before the hotel gig that put them on the map was Chinese, by the way...) Read more

1:48 PM

“Seven bazaar world horrific events, set Damien, on his way to embrace his true, and supernatural destiny.”
Read more

12:27 PM

Emergency rooms deal with medical emergencies. Hospitals deal with inpatient health care needs.

12:15 PM

Why anyone would buy a car with antilock brakes is beyond me. Antilock brakes are for when you hit the brakes so hard that the wheels lock up and skid. Normal driving does not require hitting the brakes that hard. Of course something can jump out in front of you and you may have to hit the brakes that hard, but that’s Read more

11:18 AM

My first had the same complication as your first. Went from a completely normal pregnancy, long but regular labor, to medical professionals dashing around to prep me for surgery. My son had to be resucitated, even with immediate (I was open in minutes) intervention. The risk may be a low percentage, but if it happens, Read more