2:16 PM

Absolutely agree on dark rum. I am a whiskey enthusiast. I’ve never liked whiskey in egg nog as much as I do rum. It’s often the stronger flavor of the barrel that puts me off.

12:27 PM

I have a Zojirushi insulated travel mug. It also doesn’t leak. And if I pour hot coffee into it it will keep things hot very for, seriously, six hours. If I make a boiling cup of tea and pour it straight into the mug it will be completely undrinkable for three hours. It was $20. This has to be the dumbest thing I’ve Read more

10:07 AM

I’m Pokemon ignorant. Is there enough difference between the two to warrant buying the game twice? Seems like DLC with extra steps and $$.

3:05 PM

The original was never “Han shot first”. It was ONLY Han shot. There was no indication that Greedo ever got a shot off (ignore the youtube title!). This means Han had no problem just killing Greedo to get away. He straight up murdered him. If the bounty was dead or alive, Greedo would have just shot him right away but

9:37 AM

They they keep cracking down on knock off everything, then Guardians of Intellectual Properties it is. Remember now, China leadership eats up positive press, and will act on it. If you constantly and overly praise them for doing something specific, they’ll keep doing it.

11:38 AM

For new subscribers only btw

For new subscribers only btw

8:03 PM

Not just a matter of latency, but power requirements as well. All three consoles they released so far are realistically speaking solved problems as far as emulation is concerned. We’ve had open source emulators available for a while now that can replicate NES and SNES on a cycle level. They just need a ridiculously Read more

12:50 PM

This is very timely as my dad was recently diagnosed with a terminal disease and I stand to inherit 1/3 of the value of a 2006 Buick Lucerne with barely more than 100,000 miles on it...

12:04 PM

I very rarely comment negatively on articles but this reeks of a personal blog post. It’s not a fair critique at all, and especially petty when you consider this is an optional thing that in no way is necessary to progress or reach your goals in the game. If you play the game as it is intended and do pay attention to Read more

11:01 AM

When I did a blue sky on my original post, my messaging was maybe too high level, going for the low-hanging fruit. Rather than table this or take it offline, maybe we can touch base and I can circle back. Perhaps an impactful pivot to something more granular can earn your buy-in. It’s mission critical to my personal Read more

9:39 AM

What you described is exactly what a medical study showed, when comparing people in different age brackets. Younger people >30 years old have the exact same way of memorizing the location, but not reatining the information. Older people could better reatain the info, but could not remeber where the information could Read more

5:18 PM

The retail prices they compare against on the website aren’t the actual prices you would pay anywhere.

The retail prices they compare against on the website aren’t the actual prices you would pay anywhere.

6:01 AM

I’m in the same boat. I think schools are going to see a decline. Providing Box Tops with a weekly list of our household shopping and spending habits is not going to happen for this household.