May 30 2017

Proper turbo encabulator maintenance is crucial to a car’s overall performance. If you have worn out girdle springs or your cardinal grammeter is out of synch you will experience issues.

May 30 2017

I prefer the new design with six hydrocoptic marzlevanes, so fitted to the ambifacient lunar waneshaft that side fumbling is effectively prevented.

May 29 2017

This is especially important on your fancier K-Car derivatives, often neglected because you have to peel back the vinyl top to get to the turbo encabulator.

May 26 2017

This should be banned period, if you do this to your truck on purpose you are a piece of fucking garbage, no exceptions you just are. If you defend people who do this you are also a piece of garbage.

Feb 21 2017

A far easier approach is to NOT COUNT unbelted fatalities as auto fatalities. Instead create a new “idiot” category for them. Lumping them in with belted occupants unfairly penalizes the auto industry and leads to idiotic things like automatic seat belts.

Feb 15 2017

Part of the issue stems from the fact that the government is more inclined to invest in new projects. Ribbon-cutting stuff. Rebuilding an old bridge isn’t glamorous and it doesn’t usually get you a glossy front-page photo. Read more

Feb 5 2017

Wagons, period. And don’t give me that “crossovers are wagons” bullshit because NO THEY ARE NOT. Would you tell your child medicine is candy? No, because then they’d take too much and die, just like wagons are nowadays.

Think of the children, people!

Jan 21 2017

Those routes aren’t really public transportation. They’re land-cruises for railfans. And the answer is basically senate representation. The Senate (especially western Republicans) doesn’t want to spend public money on transportation for the dense coasts, so extracts some pork of their own as compensation. In addition Read more

Jan 21 2017

The Acela is actually profitable for Amtrak, and several other urban routes break even or come close. Where Amtrak loses a ton of money is on the long and slow cross country routes. Those could be cut without much negative effect, but they won’t be as they are protected by Senators from the big empty states.

Nov 25 2016

I don’t really buy all that much stuff on Amazon, but maybe I should start. I prefer to frequent my local brick and mortars where I can chit chat with the shopkeeper and browse the physical items up for sale.

Oct 29 2016

There is more chemistry in an awful press interview then was in the entire season of the latest Top Gear.