Apr 22 2016

All fluid overflows are routed here. So through all the jumps, slams, and madness ALL fluid is kept off the track. Oil through the big main line, coolant through the smaller lower tubes.

Apr 12 2016

I don’t think he was trying to block anybody. I think he noticed the biker in left lane coming at a high rate of speed and got fixated trying to avoid him by switching back to the right lane. Then he failed to notice the other bike coming up even faster and inadvertently blocked him. Obviously this is just Read more

Jul 17 2014

Thank you very much and thanks for helping to usher you son's interest in driving. My life has clearly been greatly effected by my love for driving stuff so I can only hope for the same fun jobs for others with similar interests! Thanks again!

May 14 2014

Using a shackle to connect two straps is actually okay, as long as the force is directed in the right way. In one of the pictures above the load stresses would all be put on the shallow threads of the shackle pin... Not good. It should look like this...

May 14 2014

Also in the Not-Acceptable-Recovery-Methods category...

Apr 23 2014

I hate that everyone still thinks of Land Rover reliability as if they are still building cars the way they did in the 90's and early 2000's. When Ford owned them they really turned things around. I have a '05 with 150K miles that has never had an issue. Normal maintenance will keep these things running forever. It's Read more

Nov 12 2013

My girlfriend and I were just a few spots down the fence from you and your son. One of our favorite moments of the event was seeing him catch the shirt while on your shoulders, families like yours are what brings this entire community together. I'm glad you guys could enjoy this together and create many memories Read more

Nov 11 2013

I spent far too long focusing on making money in the hope that I would be able to buy them the things I thought they wanted. It turns out they just wanted me and my time. So that is what I try to give. Read more