6:56 AM

Does no one here fault the morality of the buyer?!? Jesus H - its like Tom is completely absolving the buyer of any fault, here. Nobody held a gun to the buyer’s head and said “sign here”. This speaks more to the “I deserve a new car” mentality of people than it does to the sales tactics of a car dealer. Dealers are Read more

3:30 PM

I don’t get it, just the other day you posted some bullshit about how him and everyone else on the grid not named Hamilton or LeClerc being not able to hang? Read more

12:35 PM

I don’t know. He is someone who has no problem admitting to his shortcomings and really working on them. Just look at the difference between his race starts at the beginning of last year and the end. Night and day. He has also said he was possibly a bit too jokey at times last year and wants to be a bit more focused. Read more

11:17 AM

I know it goes without saying for a lot of the conservative evangelical crowd, but the cognitive dissonance of “I have great faith in God, and He’s going to punish everyone with His divine might, but I have to make sure I have a closet full of pilot crackers so He doesn’t accidentally smite me, too, because I don’t Read more

7:06 PM

The world is so lucky that none of these deadly viruses have started in the US. People would be refusing things that could prevent spreading and cure the disease because essential oils would work just fine.  Ebola can be cured with a little lavender oil.

5:09 AM

Either Mr. Piggins dismissed my reply (pretty sad if true) or it was Kinja’d, so I’ll go ahead and repost it here: Read more

2:47 AM

Go to Washington and protest whatever you like. Now go to Beijing and try the same thing, Let us know how that works out for you...

1:32 AM

The best part about your comment is that its very existence, the fact that you felt comfortable posting it without fear of reprisal, is evidence that you’re full of shit. Read more

12:42 AM

> implying the US and China are even close to the same level of oppression, authoritarianism, and censorship Read more

11:47 PM

The difference is the U.S. doesn’t use its surveillance data to crush free speech, censor media, silence dissent, erase history, steal intellectual property, and generally treat its citizens like cattle. Read more

9:04 AM

This. A family friend bought a blue 4 door Wranglera few years back. He loved it but it only went off road a few times and served as the family car. Then, mysteriously, they got rid of the Jeep and bought a Durango. Later on, the wife admitted that the Jeep wasn’t comfortable, sucked on road trips got worse mileage Read more

12:44 PM

You’re not wrong, they are more than the other 3 midsized but it was never meant to be cheaper. Some people are willing to pay that increased price for a more lifestyle vehicle. In the end, sceptics were right, the gladiator sales seem to mainly come from wrangler owners who want a wrangler-truck

9:11 AM

Another issue that Bourdain noted in Kitchen Confidential is that the same friends who say you should open a restaurant are the same ones that keep dropping by and expects a bunch of comps and freebies and never pick up a check.