8:34 AM

Let us not forget that this is the same Intel promising ‘unbreakable memory encryption’ will be ‘in a future product.’ While AMD has it now. Read more

11:23 AM

Awww, it’s a good story, Yummsh! It transcends class boundaries. Everyone wants to look cool in front of their kid. Eight year old children can’t realize the extent of privilege, so there’s an entirely innocent joy at play here that makes this feel pretty nice.

10:17 AM

They stay home and then later they complain about how “the system” is all rigged against them and their preferred candidate by party elites. Read more

3:03 PM

I worked at a bakery that had amazing bread, but realized how often the night shift guys dropped it on the floor or cut themselves on the crust, and the bakery didn’t provide anyone with gloves or anything. It was something when the ex-con admitted druggy/statutory rapist new hiree called out their blatant OSHA Read more

4:21 PM

An old woman I know told me a story about the time a neighbor molested her when she was a child. She told her daddy and he told her to never say another word about it to anyone ever again. And that night the neighbor was shot to death and his home burned to the ground. No one ever figured out why.

1:15 PM

Same. my battery life is getting destroyed on my Compact and I freaking love that thing. I guess nobody else cares for easy to hold, easy to pocket phones anymore.

12:44 PM

The walker was for the long game. Laying the groundwork for him to get house arrest instead of being thrown into general population in the nearest penitentiary where he belongs.

6:46 PM

If they did a rebooted proper X-Wing/TIE Fighter/Alliance game, with the sim-ish controls, it would do very well, probably 3-5 million units. But it wouldn’t do the crazy 20 million + units which seems to be the only thing that EA is interested in right now. The popularity of space combat games and space sims seems to Read more

12:02 PM

I’m sure there is a many-page-long power point on some Merc engineer’s computer demonstrating that steering and suspension are two very different and in no way linked no way no how no ifs and or buts about it systems.

6:56 AM

Does no one here fault the morality of the buyer?!? Jesus H - its like Tom is completely absolving the buyer of any fault, here. Nobody held a gun to the buyer’s head and said “sign here”. This speaks more to the “I deserve a new car” mentality of people than it does to the sales tactics of a car dealer. Dealers are Read more

3:30 PM

I don’t get it, just the other day you posted some bullshit about how him and everyone else on the grid not named Hamilton or LeClerc being not able to hang? Read more