Mar 4 2016

Finally a company and CEO brave enough to stand up for enthusiasts and understand that cars are at once emotional and art. Imagine if we no longer had composers making classical music, because clearly everyone should be making electronic music - the most modern and advanced type. That’d be absurd right? Read more

Feb 21 2016

I saw a Class 8 tow truck towing a smaller flatbed tow truck. The only way it could have been better is if the flatbed was carrying a pickup truck.

Feb 18 2016

They should really release a smaller, less obvious sensor for the night life: FLIRt.

Feb 9 2016

as an FPV pilot myself, I can say it is a TON of fun. The only downside is the initial investment for something like what you see in the video... $200 RC transmitter, $200 for a video setup, $50 for a battery charger... Once you have them, you can build a racing quad for fairly cheap if you look in the right places. Read more

Feb 3 2016

So the unconfirmed terrorist was sucked out his own hole, on fire, and was the only one that died? It’s kinda sick, but I find that funny. Hahah. Man that guy must’ve sucked at life

Feb 3 2016

I like to decompress after takeoff just as much as anyone else, but this person went to great heights before taking the plunge.