Kind of a pointless clickbait article as Spike has been Spike for a very long time for english versions outside of Japan.
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You are all wrong, NWO was a Hulk Hogan/Scott Hall/Kevin Nash thing. Read more

I mean, realistically the rest of the cats aren’t going to magically start heading toward the exit to meet up with their buddy/sibling the second your orange protagonist disappears into the void. They’re just going to keep wandering around looking for food. You know, like feral cats do. In fact, if they were in the Read more

Just to add to this, Nintendo doesn’t have nearly as many 1st party studios as you might think. Read more

Damn, Charisma Carpenter really living up to her first name with those posts. DAMN. Thats the good stuff. Read more

Thanks for continuously reporting these stories (and the memos). The more it’s out there, the more they can’t run from it. Keep this issue visible. Read more

RamBam running through seniors at tourneys:

I think all of the anger and frustration regarding 2042 is well warranted as it’s abundantly clear the development was riddled with issues and poor design decisions. They’re paying customers, they have a right to be angered and frustrated. Read more

It’s not freaking Fortnite, there’s no 12 year olds to cater to and no long time Battlefield fan wanted a Santa skin.. Hell, none of them wanted the ridiculously upbeat specialists either, but at least they aren’t wearing brigth red Read more

Battlefield has always been weird and silly” Read more

Really shows the deep support of Chappelle and comedy in general that this isn’t as much as a controversy as people would like it to be.  Read more

Rocko is a wallaby, not a dog! Read more

Super Mario Bros wasn’t an arcade game. Read more

God I hope not. Art is not some linear progression forwards towards some ideal state.
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They’re pretty good! If you enjoyed SNES Shadowrun, I’d give them a try. Worth the playtime. Read more

always appreciate some Tenacious D Read more