The video/audio setup stuff with Johnson was pretty good, everything else was pretty clearly tests and not "deleted cutscenes." Read more

And with no safety straps of any kind. Only a single bar railing? Read more

Looks good, aside from how beyond stupid it seems to hunt these things in an open-topped vehicle ... Read more

I seem to be in the minority that thought whispering Fahey was funny. Read more

stop talking omg stop talking just let me see the game I don't need you to tell me we are waking up when i can see you are waking up. I don't need you telling me nothing stays the same when the game already said nothing stays the same and the synopsis under the video says nothing says the same. By continuously saying Read more

I bet the game proper doesn't have a dick totally fucking up the experience. Read more

Seems cool but the guy whispering is a dick who totally fucks up the experience. Read more

They use a magic 8-ball with only bad ideas :). Read more

"Mod turns Military Sim into Halo", would be a more applicable title. Read more

And now Destiny 2 will too.... What was Bungie thinking?! Read more

Man. Halo 4 was really missing Martin O'Donnell. Read more

What is this display supposed to tell us? Big superpower between his legs, but none in his upper torso? Like where the heart is supposed to be? Hm...

This "new ability" is nothing but a plot device for the writer to use later. Read more

I came here to post the exact same thing. "Oh hey, that's not too bad at all. I don't get the- OH DEAR GOD"

(of War) Read more

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Watch this - if you have never seen voice actors at work, it is absolutely fascinating. I could watch this stuff all day long. Matt Groening is excellent also. As a side note, the actress who does Marge is apparently very private and doesn't do the voice in public? on video? Not quite sure how it works, but that's why

So Steam doesn't want to be steamy. Hmmm. Read more

Well this is annoying. I'm looking at developing an adult game and if Steam censor it then I'll have to make the Steam version cheaper and have the adult content as a separate paid download from the website that is installed as a mod. Read more

Any game that has a breast slider and a breast bounciness slider should be given awards. Read more