Nightshift Nurse
Jun 25

I often felt like I was bumping into strangers in the wilderness a little too often in the games, especially the first one. RDR1 suffered a little bit from the limited nature of the kinds of people you could bump into. Also, there was gunfire coming from somewhere every ten seconds, no matter how remote a location you Read more

Jun 18

Full marks for taking a dump on Bolton AND promoting a She-Ra: PoP book I hadn’t heard of, all in a single comment. A one-two punch I really wasn’t expecting today.

Jun 12

There’s no point since the person you’re replying to clearly falls into the “willfully misinterpret everything they say” category. Console wars have evolved, people put in the effort to fake their concerns now. Just look at the many, many ResetEra threads that devolve into console wars.

Jun 11

And I get your point, and that’s fair, I’m not saying that Horizon is more popular than Zelda. But you’re ignoring the fact that each game is an exclusive that the other console can’t get. Us PS4 owners KNEW the quality of Horizon, and as the biggest selling console of that generation, that’s not a small amount of Read more

Jun 11

It was a PS4 exclusive, and BoTW was a switch exclusive. I don’t know how you think one would overshadow the other. If you had both consoles, you got both. Yeah Zelda is a bigger franchise, so everyone on Nintendo was excited, but as someone who’s never been big on Zelda, I followed Horizon very closely, and I’m Read more

Jun 11

Wouldn’t say that was rotten luck. It was hugely successful, and I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than Breath of the Wild.

May 21

I work in film/tv and had to sign them for normal reasons (ex. don’t leak the plot line of this tv show you’re working on before it airs) but they vary agreement to agreement. Usually it’s just like ‘you agree to work for this company and not disclose plot lines of the show, post about the show on Instagram, etc. Under Read more

May 20

Mesopotamian! Yes, I was trying to think what it made me think of, Hindu, Tibetan...but no, it really does a weird Babylonian feel to it that always struck me as incredibly unique as a kid where things were usually either very Japanese or very Western

May 14

Actually the problem is that the USPS is required by law to prepay for retired employees health costs. Which means billions a year are set aside. No other company or government agency has this requirement. It’s believed the post office would run in the black if they had to deal with this like every other entity. Read more

Apr 8

First off, detail nitpick. The Others was a largely Spanish production, so it doesn’t really count as part of “Hollywood’s then ongoing pillaging of Spanish horror films and directors.” This was just a Spanish filmmaker making a Spanish movie intended for an international audience. Read more

Mar 31

I hate to say it, but when it hits the rural areas, we should expect to see another wave of conspiracy theories, stories about how the virus was concocted to destroy “real” America. Right wing media will point to China and the Democratic party and scream “Collusion!” without a hint of irony. The suffering of New York Read more

Mar 9

How is the ally AI? One of my biggest issues in FF15 was positioning of uncontrolled characters. They would often group and get owned by an AoE that I could see a mile away and move Noctis out of, but then they would all die or come close to. Has this been fixed in FF7 Remake?

Something we can’t tell from the demo, but Read more

Mar 7

Those of us old enough to remember the public dumpster fire when this happened...and the subsequent numerous investigations that showed Mia was not correct...are seeing this the same way King is. Read more

Mar 7

Oh God, I hate this one. First of all King is right if you don’t like it don’t take part. The protesters of this book are honestly Kissin cousins of those loons against Drag Queen Story Time in libraries. If you don’t want your kids to be read to by a Drag Queen don’t bring them. Read more

Mar 7

Really loved reading this. The mere possibility of getting the Kalm flashbacks early, or perhaps the game itself concluding in Kalm instead of at the border of Midgar, is enough to tantalize me. But as you say we might get hints of a bunch of other things early too. Cait Sith perhaps? Read more