Now imma throw my gyroball
Apr 10 2019

Tossing the ball back to the pitcher after being hit is an old hitter’s tough guy ploy - “you don’t throw hard enough to hurt me, here’s the ball back meat”.

Apr 10 2019

I’m sure Chen was terrified for a few moments. Votto is an intense dude as it stands, I can only imagine how scary it would be to see him approaching you with a bat moments after you hit him with a projectile.

Apr 10 2019

I would bet on a dropped 3rd strike, with Davis getting on base.

Apr 10 2019

Yesterday, a reader emailed us to call Wei-Yin Chen “the Chris Davis of pitchers,” and now I want the two to face off. One of them would have to succeed, right?

Apr 10 2019

Surprised he didn’t apologize for being in the way of that pitch.

Nov 14 2018

Hey man, you gotta get those issue spotting was an assault first, and THEN a battery.... should we do an IRAC exercise?

Oct 8 2018

any team that starts Jordan Henderson is not a real title contender

Oct 5 2018

Nothing screams “keep politics out of sports” like whining to the president about your sports book.

Sep 11 2018

Is there a word (probably a German one) for when you read a word over and over again and it starts to lose all meaning? Because I have that now.