4/30/21 2:40PM

I’m mildly surprised that they didn’t make ‘felt threatened by a protester’ grounds for lethal self-defence.

4/30/21 2:22PM

Damaging, destroying, or defacing someone else’s property isn’t free speech and it isn’t a right, it’s a criminal action, genius. Read more

4/30/21 12:01PM

You better believe it aces that test, although ideally you’d just park in the fire lane since you’ll only be a few minutes and parking next to other cars is for poor people.

4/28/21 10:29AM

Is anyone else getting a huge white void at the top of the page or have I just been Kinja’d again?

4/21/21 9:28AM

I’m sure they will be banning people for denigrating Allah, right? To do otherwise would be downright hypocritical, and we know how much these dip-shits hate hypocrisy! You can tell by how they ban a bunch of speech on their free speech site how much hypocrisy irks them.

4/21/21 3:03AM

I dunno - seems pretty sharky to me...

4/19/21 10:47AM

HD is the official bike of the neo-nazi movement. So all those who want to go out in order to show they have contempt for public health and want to pwn the libs, they are gonna buy a Harley to do it.

4/18/21 1:03PM

gasoline cars catch fire at much higher rates than electric cars.

but yeah, Jalopnik’s gotta shit on Tesla at any opportunity.

4/18/21 12:50PM

It’s being called out because Jalopnik writers seemingly make bonuses based on the number of Tesla hit pieces they can write. I actually live in this neighborhood, and you’re right. There is nowhere that you can drive fast enough to get wrapped around a tree unless you’re purposely being a jackass. And based on how my Read more

4/18/21 12:46PM

This article is trash. Jalopnik used to be the place to go to get unbiased and informative car news. Sad to see that you all just waste your weekends trawling local news websites for Tesla crashes now.
Read more

4/18/21 11:46AM

I know Jalopnik has a hard-on for shitting on Tesla but I don’t understand what Autopilot is being called out here. I pulled a map of the city and the only place where you find cul-de-sac there are in subdivisions where you have no business driving at speeds that would cause you car to be obliterated on impact. Read more

4/16/21 1:58PM

Almost. You left out some reference to his self-proclaimed Native American heritage.

4/16/21 12:27PM

I seem to remember at some point he claimed he was the first white guy to open a karate dojo in Japan.  Which could well be true!  Doesn’t require much skill to stand on a busy corner in Tokyo and shout “my dojo is now accepting students!”

4/15/21 10:26AM

5th gear: “nature is healing” because we’re back to behavoir pattern where we trash the environment as fast as we can?   This was offensive to read, man. Read more

4/07/21 9:12PM

The thieves used fake names, but would be captured when the cops turned on anti-aliasing.

4/06/21 11:21AM

Well I guess you gotta write about something when Tesla is doing too well to dunk on.