Yesterday 2:26PM

As a non-American, not even living in America, Trump’s policies and horrific public behaviour still affected me directly, so I feel entitled to my revulsion towards him and his enablers. I don’t have to meet him to have an opinion about him.

6/11/21 4:08PM

Well, that line of reasoning was solid gold when he was at school, so why wouldn’t it still be now?

6/11/21 2:20PM

I wonder if the location of the cat on the Prius is what makes it a target, or if someone thinks that a hybrid will use its cat less, so the average Prius cat is healthier and has more life than the average?

6/08/21 3:50PM

Yep, that was my first thought - somehow, during it’s ‘repair’ it magically sprouted a completely different paint job and options list, and all of the major serial-numbered parts spontaneously swapped themselves out.

6/05/21 2:02PM

Hopefully the drivers of 3-ton SUVs will line up alongside the EV drivers to pay their share...

5/28/21 1:10PM

I know I’ll get buried for suggesting it, but as we know NASA work in metric units and presumably reported the flight behaviour in decimal units, it’d be nice to write it up that way and add the conversion to freedom units as an afterthought.

5/28/21 12:15PM

Better make it a free flight to Vegas - most of these types would never willingly go abroad, which as a resident of the non-American part of the world, I whole-heartedly support.

5/27/21 3:35PM

He pretty much has to, to support a novel legal position that you can’t even indict someone who’s *running* for office in case it looks like interference with the election.

5/21/21 1:25PM

I was imagining quite the opposite - a darkened room full of heavily-smoking car executives watching grainy 8mm film secretly shot on car sales lots, and one of them realising that buyers never got in the back seat, so they could de-content the car and still get the signature on the sales documentation.

5/21/21 11:51AM

I suspect the missing part is the nut that goes between the steering wheel and the driver’s seat. If there’re still no Cars ‘n’ Coffees, what’s the point of buying a ‘Vette and driving it slowly there and back?

5/20/21 11:31AM

Do the GOP hand out strings of pearls with instructions on how to performatively clutch them, or do they assume that everyone just inherits them from their old-money predecessors?

5/13/21 9:07AM

Whereas Fox News will blame ‘Cancel Culture’ and ‘Government Red Tape’ for infringing on his First Amendment rights to lie, cheat and steal.

5/10/21 9:11AM

A typical passive-aggressive move used by a number of Trump’s cabinet while still in office - try to paint your opponents as dangerous lunatics by pre-emptively demanding physical protection from them. Chelsea Clinton will probably be in more danger from gun nut terrorists for the rest of her life than the Trump clan Read more

5/07/21 11:06AM

Great, Ford and Chevy guys rubbing shoulders and adding guns into the mix.

5/06/21 10:58AM

Remember that the way democracy works is that Ohians would only elect the very best, the very brightest from among their already exceptional citizenry to represent them, so *obviously* he shouldn’t be judged by your own mediocre standards ;-)

5/05/21 3:51PM

The birth of a new art form is truly determined by two events - the discovery of its first true artist, shortly followed by the rise of its first true critic. You, sir/madam/other, are undoubtedly the latter of the ‘pothole penis drawing’ world.

5/05/21 11:47AM

I guess they’re looking at the specific posts that resulted in the ban, not looking at a wider pattern of behaviour. I can see a point of view that, when you’re operating in the political arena at a national and international level, you have to be able to point to specifics, because patterns of behaviour is open to Read more

5/05/21 11:39AM

I assume it’s also a revenue-generator by assembling a killer email/sucker file that he’ll sell to every Republican candidate for years to come, including every candidate in every Republican primary.