Jul 20

No offroader needs a V8 when there’s electric instant torque. And electric traction motor never breaks. Give me the plug in hybrid now.

Jul 20

You are not wrong. If it doesnt look exactly like this I dont want it.

Jul 20

The Bronco does not need a V8. The Wranger needs a V8 because Dodge’s NA V6 is lethargic. I honestly have no idea how people throw big tires on this thing plus 100's of lbs of off-road equipment and camping gear and actually attempt highway speeds. I don’t understand why Dodge didn’t sprinkle some hellcat tech on a V6 Read more

Jul 19

efinitely one of the huge, American cruiser wagons, such as the Buick Roadmaster or the Ford Country Squire, all in with the fake wood grain, third row rear-facing seats, and the barn-door-turns-tailgates in the back.

Jul 17

Sounds like you got some issues if a Youtuber bothers you that much.

Jul 14

I’d just get the most basic 4 door package since coming from the Wrangler world”

Jul 14

Yes, but you can’t drive a side by side on the street so no one will know how cool and offroady you are at the mall...

Jul 14

I would buy (if I could) a base 2 door one with a silver front end, white steelies and finished off in Brown and white two tone. Read more

Jul 14

Two Door Base with Squatch package. Will wait a couple years for the recalls to pass and rebates to kick in...

Jul 13

Wow they are really pandering to the glamper audience with all of those convenience features, which is sort of lame. I’m falling for it hard. 

Jun 29

Man. I wish I wasn’t such an asshole so i could read this article without tooting my own horn to a bunch of people who don’t care, but i’m not.

SO i’m just gonna say.....big ol middle finger to everyone who told me I was crazy in the 90's and early 2000's when I told them pedestrian-ass EG and EK civics were going to Read more

Jun 15

Now how about an AWD, 4 door pickup based on the Transit Active? Just gimmie a damned pickup with a low load floor like these vans. I don’t need to crawl rocky trails. That’s what my dirtbike is for. The truck is just to get me to the trailhead. If nothing else, let VW sell it, instead of rebadging the Ranger.