They’re great and all until they spin in place and you have to drill them out and redo them.  Dont buy a Delorean, ever.

dont do it, the 2015 tacoma is the best tacoma ever

during the magic band roll out I was in a meet the product meeting or whatever and the host started talking about the crap they will sell you can pin onto the bands or whatever. I will never forget what he said, “ we wouldnt be Disney if we couldn’t make a buck off of everything”.. they nickle and dime and people Read more

Just wait until the poors get their own submarine. Ready torpedos!

I’d buy one if I didnt have to haul a butt load of bins for craft faires every month. My tacoma is busting at the seams with its 5' bed so either a 6' bed electric ranger or the electric F150 is next on my list to buy

It would work out fine for the weekend use kind. bags of mulch, dirt, etc. 

looks like it suffers from the same problem as my tacoma. Not wide enough to fit the plywood between the wheel wells. Wonder if the tailgate has a stock for it to support sheet goods like this

Im still part of the generation that doesnt care about 0-60 times, especially in a pickup truck like vehicle...

we arent allowed to have UTEs in the land of freedom 

I keep a full tanks worth on hand in wavian jerry cans, DOT spect etc etc. With stabil in them and use them every other month so to keep fresh fuel on hand for hurricane season and or off roading outings where Ill take a can as insurance. So thats 20 gallons I keep in my garage, stored off the ground, out of direct Read more

wasnt this thing piloted by an egyptian pilot / suez canal pilot? why arent they the ones in trouble for crashing the ship?

I really want a 2CV, have wanted one for years. Maybe this year or next ill finally get one

wasnt it an Egyptian pilot that took over control to guide it through the canal that caused the ship to get stuck?

2016 Nissan Leaf 30KwH battery with 15k miles on it, wife doesn’t drive far for work. Charge only with 110V and we have lost 3 bars of battery health since getting it used in 2017 with only 96 miles on its odometer. I will never recommend a leaf to anyone until nissan gets with it and uses active thermal managment for Read more

Pizza cutters FTW. I went with 235/85/16s on my taco but when these wear out I am going full send with 255/85s

I wish I had an early 2000's eclipse with a body kit and what not. In 20-30 years people will be hunting for those crap wagons to do period correct modifications...-cringe-

Il be doing a 3" lift to my tacoma but thats for the beefed up suspension to handle the camper in the bed and 35" tires. Anything more is honestly not daily driveable and or small dick energy

(unless, unless its a solid axle swap for the serious rock crawler)

My fav: Mercedes diesel cannister filters. Located up top, two 10mm nuts and the cover is off. Remove filter cartridge with a shopping bag to hold oily mess. Then use the giant cannister to fill the oil.

Second Fav: Toyota Tacoma top mounted filters. Stick a water bottle under the oil catch thing and it drains right Read more

I would have gotten my tow strap out and tried to move it out of the way because ambulances?