10:42 PM

They even took out the reverse gear to save weight and get better fuel economy. They sold those extra gears to Ryan Gosling and he put them into his Mustang so he could out run the bad guy in reverse.

3:51 AM

Very curious to know how the museum deals with the Mercedes-Benz’ collaboration with the Nazi regime in the 1930s and 40s. Is it addressed at all?

9:26 PM

Psssst: did you know that once upon a time companies literally delivered the name, address and phone number of every household in your city, RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR?!? Read more

8:11 PM

Because it’s required, by statute to be on public display pretty much all the time, so what’s the point? Cover your plate and drive around for a while and let us know what happens. If someone was able to get your information from your plate don’t you think a huge, well known issue would have arisen sometime in the Read more

2:26 PM

It is a monster, ain’t it... I’ve never seen an overhead of one and used the seat position and size to give a sense of scale, but now that I have, I’ve lost a bit of interest (as if I would ever be able to afford even looking at one). I think if I’m getting a supercar, a Pagani landyacht would not be my choice.

11:47 AM

I get it with Spider-Man being #1. His allure is that he’s the most relatable superhero. He’s not a billionaire or an alien god, he’s a New York kid who got dealt a superhero hand and is suddenly thrust with this large personal duty (ok, fine.... GREAT RESPONSIBILITY) while still going through the life things we do as Read more

9:07 PM

Hey Torch, man, thanks for a bunch of good times here. I’m sorry the site is exploding due to weaponized incompetence, but if it’s any consolation the work you and your colleagues do is great, and I am confident it will soon be recognized by someone who knows how to, say, own and operate a media website.

3:09 PM

Benioff and Weiss were clearly in over their heads.We were lucky to get something that wasn’t even more of a disaster than it was.

1:18 PM

I wonder what % of people who specify no manual because of ‘traffic’ actually know how to drive a manual or have owned a manual before and feel like they have to give some bs excuse in order to not be perceived (in their mind or otherwise) as a ‘real’ enthusiast

6:52 AM

MX” stands for “Mazda eXperimental” so a first-time attempt at a hybrid CUV could be considered an experiment. TBH, the MX-5 Miata is the only remaining MX of the three originals so it could use a sibling.

3:26 PM

I would seriously consider dropping this in the 240D I daily drive. It would nearly double the horsepower, with the added benefit of reducing my emissions.