5/14/21 11:40AM

Hey, I just noticed, when you don’t give cops guns then nobody gets shot at protests. Weird, we should give that a try.

5/09/21 2:35PM

I’m sure the writers’ allure to have Killmonger return and give him a redemption hero story is quite strong.

Maily because they have an actor from the first movie, Michael B. Jordan, who is now a superstar, a likeable one at that, who looks 100% the part of a Marvel lead.

Meanwhile, Letitia Wright (Shuri) isn’t Read more

5/07/21 11:31AM

Did you and Jason have to flip a coin to decide which of you would get to write this Tesla hit piece? Read more

5/04/21 4:57PM

I mean, yes. That’s for sure true, and an always good reminder. Any investment is gambling, and nothing is a sure thing. Just like buying a Porsche Boxster in cash. You have to think whether the enjoyment outweighs the loss over time and if that’s acceptable to you, then it’s “worth it” in terms of your investment. Read more

5/04/21 11:31AM

If you have to borrow money to buy a Boxster, my friend you do not have enough money to own a Boxster.

3/30/21 1:18PM

For maximum control, 9 and 3, with thumbs inside the wheel over the spokes. That’s the whole reason that there’s a spot for your thumbs on racing wheels:

3/30/21 1:11PM

Interesting. When I started doing track days I was always told to do 9 and 3, which is how I’ve driven since. Read more

3/02/21 1:15PM

As long as Microsoft handles the Xbox more like a PC extension and less like an actual console I don’t see the point in getting one. Why spend money on the console when 70-80% of the games are going to come out on PC as well?

2/16/21 8:54AM

I’ve told this story here before, and I’ll tell it again: Rolling the dice on the IMS bearing is a decision you don’t want to make. Read more

1/27/21 7:31PM

This. Basically the governmental equivalent of tossing a penny in the wishing well. Sure, it’s basically guaranteed that nothing will happen. But you might get that pony.

1/27/21 6:13PM

A half a million dollars is not “big money” from a DoD (or U.S. Government) stand-point, especially for something that could provide a large benefit if it actually worked. Low risk, high reward.

1/26/21 8:49AM

The moral of the story here is that you don’t necessarily need to buy a second or third car specifically for track use. Read more

12/08/20 5:12PM

You really have no idea how much economic pull California has, do you?
By itself it is the 5th largest economy in the world, not to mention the most populous state.
Car makers cater to California because they’d take less of a hit losing all of the fly over states vs losing CA, and it’s not even close.