I did not watch the video, nor will I, and I’m kind of wondering exactly who this story serves, in particular with the video embedded. Read more

When I’m drunk I don’t start cat calling women and spouting racial slurs. Read more

Scattering ashes six years after his friend’s death? Read more

I’m sorry, but I’ve seen Steven Seagal movies that are more convincing as real-life things that happened when a camera was magically there. Read more

Agree 100%. I think right now we’ve seen the last of the sports car platforms. Read more

So you support unions unless you are the employer?  Doesn’t sound like most businesses at all...
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That bit from The Californians is utterly ridiculous. Read more

Probably traded in to cover the markup on a Palisade Read more

The amount of slobbering over Musk is truly astonishing. There would be no electric cars or rockets if Musk played World of Warcraft? Jesus Christ. Read more

They either didn’t get many bites or it would have cost too much to do one way or another.  

The amount of rusty material he deals with, David should have the holy syringe of St. Tetanus in his home reliquary.    Read more

This “review” that reads more like a rehash of a poorly-written press release left me wanting for more information. Read more

Everyone on this site: “I want a fast, stylish-but-not-overstyled, 300-400hp car with RWD, a manual transmission, and relatively analog underpinnings. I also want it for cheap.” Read more

Another Tesla hit piece from Jalopnik. You wouldn’t even be writing about a car being locked to a Supercharger if it weren’t a Tesla! I haven’t seen a single post on Jalopnik about other cars locked to Tesla Superchargers. Read more

Now imagine doing that in a 197o ford pickup and try and survive that. I do not abide by the old timers that say big steel cars form the 1950-70s were much safer because they are big and steel.
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Perhaps is fatigue of celebrities that don’t do anything useful. I enjoy playing golf. Paying someone else to do it, no so much. Lionizing them for it is all out dumb. I’d rather see people who do useful things like teach our children or care for our sick be compensated properly and lionized. Read more

Anyone who doesn’t think Tesla is Full Self Driving™ is a pedo. Read more

But getting wined, dined, and put up in nice hotels is perfectly acceptable? Those all have monetary value and are direct gifts. But owning stock is too much? What about owning index funds? Read more