Jun 10

Some People: Make distasteful, copyright-infringing stickers of Calvin peeing on various things to make stupid statements about brand loyalties for their bro-trucks and questionably-modified cars. Do this for years. Read more

Jun 10

Gonna roll on my own after seeing some of the bullshit posted here.

Jun 2

So this is an extremely rushed photoshop job, but here’s what it could have looked like with a smaller grille. I literally grafted on the grille/middle bumper from the previous 4 Series lol.

Feb 24

I’ll pass on calling dibs. Few things are more humiliating than being underwater on a Hyundai.

Feb 14

The boulder got knocked 30 feet away?  She really was stoned!

Jan 29

No, listen, my line of pants are complete, and they have all the features that would make them pants — I just haven’t completed the crotch or butt portions yet. Read more

Dec 9

Oh, I see. I was in the part of the conversation that was discussing the red crosswalk signal people were mistaking for a traffic light, and the green light the other traffic had.
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Dec 9

“I hit stupid orange cones all the time, ON PURPOSE, because, like Elon, I realize they serve no useful purpose except to hold back a multitide ofimbeciles like you, sitting in your cars, slaves to one stupid little orange cone.” Read more

Sep 23

Hey honey, ok if I fly up to Montreal to meet this guy so we can take turns railing this 23 year old british escort at a drag strip just out of town?.... is that a firm no?