Jun 20

I think its just a slight optical illusion. The dude in red wearing the hat by the F-150 seems to be walking up a slope, making the background vehicles further than they seem.

Jun 9

They are not being removed. They will be rotated in probably on a yearly basis. It remains to be seen whether or not that's short or long enough.

Jun 2

As soon as you see the truck appear in your vision. Which if you’re paying attention, would have been several seconds prior.

May 24

The readerbase, and most of the writers are all American. It makes more sense to give imperial measurements because that’s what most Americans are familiar with.

Apr 21

I live in Austin. If I weren’t afraid to get sick myself I’d go to the protests and just loudly cough every few minutes. We’ll see who keeps protesting then.

Apr 9

They also had two extra tanks in the trunk to minimize fuel stops.

Feb 3

I think you could get around that by setting each phones navigation, using google maps, to follow the same route and set the navigation to driving. Read more