Sep 19 2017

Summer camps for sports, tutors, community service projects for their high school applications (that’s a thing now, you can be a great athlete with middling grades but no community service can mean no scholarship offers/acceptances), prep courses, essentially a continuation of high school if you want to get into a Read more

Aug 29 2017

To be fair though dad wore some nicer clothes when visiting disaster areas too.

Aug 23 2017

*Nah. We’re not gonna decap a cat if there’s even a slight possibly of ownership. Now if the cat bites someone and you surrender it (therefore it is no longer your property because animals are considered property) then it’s the health department. Read more

Aug 23 2017

Vaccinate you pets, people. If you don’t want to I recommend googling distemper if you have a dog. It’s really fun in that mucus encrusted, self mutilation sort of way. Even in the poshest neighborhoods, guess what? I see a ton of raccoons and skunks infected and trundling around big fancy houses and condos with their Read more

Jul 18 2017

I dunno why but this reminds me of the diner scene at the end of Kingdom Come.

Jan 11 2017

As someone who has to respond to frequent calls at work regarding deer people want us to tranquilize and relocate and has to tell those people we can’t do that and just leave it the fuck alone, I’m wondering how many people told Cuomo the deer would die. Because let me tell you, anyone who works with wild deer knows Read more

Mar 29 2016

I explained to a friend that hadn’t seen the episode that this was essentially like two golden retrievers meeting for the first time and then having to team up and save the day. Read more

Mar 18 2016

Marian and Vivian! They always used to eat at Uncle Vito’s, which was a few blocks from my tiny place. Used to see them all the time, especially when I was too drunk at my friend’s place next to Vito’s to walk the extra block to get pizza at Cybelle’s. Read more

Mar 17 2016

Superman: American Alien is SO GOOD THOUGH. It’s probably one of the best depictions of Clark coming into his own. He’s allowed to be vulnerable, scared, and unsure of the person he’s growing into, and the dialog is FANTASTIC. Seriously, it’s the best Superman book out right now and each issue builds upon the layers

Dec 17 2015

This is one of my favorite books right now, and I desperately wish the main Superman book understood that Kal is actually a completely relatable character when you have him wrestle with his identity, responsibility, and sense of self-worth. Those are all very human things.

Nov 27 2015

My mom prefers to go full Martha Stewart. I prefer to go full Scotch.

Nov 6 2015

So we all think Rylo Ken is Han and Leia’s kid obsessing over his grandfather and gone to the dark side, riiiiiiight?