Hell.. In this year of our Lord 2020, there are STILL many places I don’t drive through at night. Before Covid, I had just enough extra money that if I couldn’t make the drive somewhere in the Southern areas before night, I utilized Southwest Airlines. Read more

Before everything went to hell and back in March, I had signed for my first orientation class on becoming a foster parent. I have always wanted to be a foster parent. I wanted my kids to be bigger before I did it. Then my children grew up and are now in college. I think I have enough compassion to share it. My big Read more

Thank your lucky stars. Continual insincere messaging and outreach from people who suddenly feel like doing “the right thing” is sickening. Read more

I am in Houston and work for a company in San Antonio and both places (along with surrounding counties) put out Stay-at-home orders on Tuesday. Dallas county, Galveston county and the mentioned Austin also have stay-at-home orders. Here they have flat out said that our numbers are low because people aren’t being Read more

That said, when I heard of his death and before I knew his daughter and almost a dozen others had died with him, my response was pretty much just an emotionless, “Oh,” and an immediate recollection of the rape allegations. For the most part, I’ve simply kept my mouth shut and just read/heard what others have been Read more

I feel like some people don’t understand that you can hate what he did and still be sorry that he lost his life at the same time. You can feel more than one emotion at once. Read more

I read somewhere years ago that she was threatened with losing her allowance AND her succession. Remember this was one generation removed from their uncle abdicating. The Queen mother wasn’t on her side either so there was no one to support her. Read more

Nah, they’ll paint Meghan as some sort of Yoko Ono of the Royal Family. Piers Morgan has already started on that bullshit. Read more

Gerrymandering is real and insidious. I live in Houston and here is my district represented by fucking Dan Crenshaw. If it wasn’t gerrymandered to hell and back, we would have someone that better represents the purple neighborhoods that it slices through for miles. It crosses 5 different school districts and stretches

I would also like to point out. Show me a kid with over protective parents and I will show you a kid who goes wild the moment they are able to get out from under their parents. Read more

If they are using AWS or another server farm, they can spin up additional servers for capacity for additional demand over the next week and the spin down the excess capacity after it dies down. I’m sure Disney has a sweet contract with whoever. Read more

People tell me I did my daughters a terrible disservice by not introducing them to Christianity so they could make an “informed choice” on their own. Read more

For years, I wouldn’t watch these movies because I didn’t like the premise. However, I would buy the DVDs/Blu-Rays because I wanted to support black movies. My sister was the one who brought it to my attention that I am spending money on movies that I don’t want to watch that shows ideals that I don’t agree with. I Read more

And, again, I do this all the fucking time Read more

Yep. I live in Texas and they tossed out their beloved Sam Houston outta the governor’s office to secede. He was the president of Texas, a senator from Texas, and the governor of Texas and that didn’t save his career. The people of Texas wanted slavery more than they wanted to keep him in office. Hell, my kid goes to Read more

My uncle eventually let her have it because it had boob/belly prints (his words), so she ended up with a pregnancy jacket. Read more

My youngest kid does this too. I tend to buy a lot of unisex (what I consider) cool stuff that is kinda big on me. My kid comes home from college, compliments something and then I never see it again unless on Snapchat. He kidnaps my shit with no ransom note or anything. When I call him on it, he laughs, tells me that Read more

We are about the same age and same here. ET was a rough one. Hell I was an adult and I cried when Mufasa died in the original Lion King disney movie in the 90s. Read more