Sep 9

So you’re saying it’s better to inspire panic in Alabama, potentially causing many people to evacuate, costing millions of dollars in lost economic value because that’s better than pointing out Trump was wrong.

Sep 9

Your post somehow, against all odds, managed to be dumber than Trump’s tweeting.  

Sep 5

Ignoring everything else you said for a moment, I have to ask... why did you censor the word “idiot”?

Aug 18

Hmm maybe it has to do with the plummeting sales since they’ve let their comics be consumed by anti-trump rhetoric. Read more

Aug 18

The history of superhero comics is so entwined with anti-fascism and immigrant experience that Spiegelman could hardly avoid making a nod toward current politics. It would be a conspicuous omission if he didn’t. His “Orange Skull” joke seems restrained, and almost conciliatory, given the disturbing parallels that this Read more

Aug 18

Thank you. Escapism? How about we should not be allowed to escape the fact that our government is putting brown people in camps until our government stops putting brown people in camps. Get the fuck out of here with this escapism nonsense.

Aug 5

You got a weird definition of 1:1 copies I’d say maybe that Deep Purple one is the closest. The one you cited doesn’t really sound close. 

Jul 9

So it would be okay for me to go to the gate wearing nothing except a speedo? Trust me, you do not want that. Read more

Jul 9

A speedo is very different than this.

Do you know this? Yes.

Are you making a slippery slope fallacy to cover up your racist/sexist comment? Big yes. 

Jun 4 2019

It’s a good an interesting interview, but the bit at the end seems a little disingenuous. I have not seen any suggestions that we should build 12,000 nuclear reactors to completely replace all existing energy sources, nor have I seen pro-nuclear people blasely pass off Chernobyl as an accident with acceptable losses. Read more

Jun 4 2019

But at the same time, they mobilized a massive army of cleanup workers and doctors and farmers and tractor drivers to do whatever they could to fix this problem. . . . So I don’t think that they were so incompetent. Read more

May 22 2019

“Then again, this is just me thinking for a few seconds, trying to apply common sense and basic physics to the situation, instead of running computer simulations for months or years on millions of dollars worth of equipment paid of taxpayer money.” Read more