I’ve been trying to play the game for 3 days now, got to the character creation screen once, but otherwise I’ve been on the signed in screen each time.  If it wasn’t on PSN, I’d be asking for a refund.  This blows.   Read more

I actually really enjoy the FFXIV main Story Quest and they did get better about the time wasting quests in Heavensward, those 2.X patch quests though... Read more

Wait why is this fan fiction on here Read more

In the case of Japan actually we do, the JSDF isn’t an actual army as they aren’t allowed to have a standing one after WWII. The US is held directly responsible to protect them in case of an attack on Japan. Not saying I agree with his arguments, but we do spend an awful lot of money on military, “policing” the Read more

I just got into ffxiv last month and I’m still working my way up to 50, I have to say though I’m enjoying the journey for the most part. The story is far more in depth and interesting than I thought possible from an mmo. yeah there’s a few places it drags, but I don’t think I’d want a jump potion personally Read more

Not to take away anything from your message, which I agree with, but just a heads up, Idris Elba being cast as Roland in the dark tower adaptation, Wally west in the current flash tv show, aquaman in the new justice league, are some examples of this happening in a more recent trend. It happens more often than you’d Read more

Yeah there’s really no unlimited data plans anymore for the vast majority of us and Mine personally is around 6GB a month for around 60$ Read more

Data prices in the US are ludicrous soooooo Read more

I think the key point you’re missing is that those things aren’t a means to an end, the point is that being a happier more engaged person, raises the chances that anyone will want to spend time with you, you then need to find someone you want to spend time with. You are at the same time improving yourself and still Read more

I would be fine if it was just bringing a graphically updated model of my character, I’d like to think that it’s the same person even if his class/subclass changed. I’ve gone fairly attached to my Titan, even if no stats/gear live on, I’d like to think he would. Read more

I suggest Better Off Ted

I think though one of the bigger points of the movie is that neither side is “right” and that these characters are all human regardless of whether they’re super powered or not. We’re not supposed to think of these things as “right or wrong” and I think the choose a side thing is all bullshit marketing. I think going Read more

By that logic, Jim Lee’s busy armor lines shouldn’t keep people from buying it either. The problem with superman isn’t his underwear or lack there of, it’s that writers don’t know what to do with him. Till they fix that, I’m not interested in the character regardless of if he's in his underoos or not. Read more

It’s referenced pretty damn frequently in the comics

I would play the shit outta this Read more

That title isn’t Kojima enough, gotta throw in at least one nonsensical made up word :3 Read more

Actually, not true anymore. Sure at one point there was, but specialization, increased cost, and quality issues have lead a lot of companies to reshore programming work. Read more