Jan 11 2017

His BB character was layered with terrifying calmness that Walt misjudged. He seemed like an affable patsy until BOOM he reveals himself as a thoughtful, cunning sociopath.

Jan 11 2017

Fun fact! He lost the popular vote in an election that was meddled with by the US’s long-time antagonist, Russia. To call the process “democratic” is to besmirch the concept of democracy.

Dec 30 2016

I’m of the opinion that someone shouldn’t notice a fragrance unless they are close enough to embrace.

Dec 27 2016

I said the very same thing. She would probably want to do her first lady outreach and hear the concerns of the wealthy upper whatever side constituents. As if she’d be sitting in someone’s kitchen in Appalachia showing empathy, I just don’t see it.

Oct 19 2016

Congratulations on your superior taste. I guess I’ll apologize to my weird sounding son for the fact that I’m not as classy as you.

Oct 10 2016

It was a tongue-in-cheek invention of Neal Stephenson poking fun at the arbitrary complications of steampunk/Victorian-era technology. Read more

Jul 25 2016

These are the kinds of threads and comments that make me really hate reading Jezebel sometimes. I’m not a white male, and I’d be chanting right alongside those people if I were at the convention. I guess the voices of non-white, non-male protesters don’t count. They are literally never acknowledged. It’s been this way Read more

Jul 19 2016

I’m sure your thankfulness for your new knowledge pales in comparison to my thankfulness that women aren’t expected to wear them anymore! :)

Jul 3 2016

Uh-huh. Or, maybe - just maybe - there are thousands of childrens books and when I was a child I couldn’t possibly read them all, and that was simply one that I didn’t get to. And, since after I graduated from childhood I didn’t have an interest in childhood literature anymore, I didn’t learn about this particular Read more