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You could force teenage girls to wear snow suits all day at school and teenage boys would still gawk and get distracted. That's what teenagers do. They are full of hormones. They get excited and distracted by whichever sex appeals to them. I thought we knew this already, no? It's not the fucking leggings. That is so Read more

I prefer the 'eating a gazillion candy bars' method. Putting it in a pill takes all the delicious fun out of gorging myself with chocolate. Read more

Playing off people's grief and fixation with this tragedy just sickening. I saw several of these links making the rounds on Twitter late last night. It's disgusting. Read more

Absolutely! Watching someone truly trying, enjoying and getting off just on pleasuring you is one of the sexist things. Goes both ways though when you find that person, I find it absolutely hot as hell pleasuring him.
Another thing, a HUGE thing, is being able to laugh about it. Seriously. Sex can have it's sloppiness, Read more

If no one has invented special sex-goggles intended to prevent the spread of STI's of the eyes, I'm taking that shit straight to the Dragons Den. It's clearly going to be the hottest trend in safe sex ever. Who wouldn't invest!? Read more

As a former IV opiate user, and current Methadone patient and advocate, that could definitely be the case. Methadone patients who are on too high of a dose will often experience a 'nodding off' similar to heroin or other opiates shortly after taking their drink. Either way, what is happening in this video is Read more

This is wonderful to hear. Reconstructive dental work would not come cheap. It was amazing of this dentist to provide his time and skills at no cost. Great stuff! I've heard of this type of this before, in fact when I was using and frequenting the local needle exchange, every so often there would be a letter put up on Read more

I have this skill fucking mastered! I even impress myself sometimes, I'm just that good. Read more

If that is the case he certainly has my sympathies, but either way, his position in a school full of children needs to be seriously revalued. Even though it might be because of dementia, it's still not an appropriate thing to risk happening again. Read more

Is it seriously that difficult for some people to have restraint and not jerk yourself off in public, especially at a fucking school? I have never felt such a strong urge to start rubbing one out anywhere in the remote vicinity of children or a school with children in it during school hours. C'mon man, you're 72 for Read more

I am so with you on this. I am incredibly close to my Grama, and always have been. If anyone ever harmed my Grama in any way I would not hesitate to fuck them up. I would stab you in a second if you hurt her. I wouldn't even care if I got convicted. Obviously that wouldn't be ideal, but it would be worth it. Read more

These people make me fucking sick. Letting an innocent child who trusts your care and judgement die because you can't manage to live in reality. These people should be locked up. Read more

ANY man that would seriously refuse to pick up a box of tampons from the store is a complete douchebag and total man-child. Read more

What's so wrong with this place? I think it's perfectly fine, nicer than my fucking place! Also, who are you to say this design doesn't represent her? Last I checked you weren't her. Read more

Holy shit, a whip? Seriously?! Are those things fucking standard issue over there? That isn't exactly a tiny little whip either! Read more

I rarely ever wear underwear, but that's just poetical preference, not because of an abscess of any other problem. Actually that's not entirely true, part of the reason I avoid them is to help me avoid yeast and bladder infections. I do find certain fibres are way worse than others, but I prefer to avoid it all Read more

"...advert for a "talented knitwear student" to work five days a week for up to 11 months, without a wage." Read more

I never said it was "the whole story". I'm pretty sure I didn't imagine this part of the article either... Read more

In other words, everyone who says sexual orientation is a choice can fuck right off! Read more

Disgusting. My heart goes out to women who do not have access to or the legal option of abortion. I find it truly frightening as a woman to imagine myself in those situations without the right to choose. Read more