i’m not happy about this, but i can’t really say anything, so i’m just full of

No, no, no Donald. His name is Toby. “The Prince of Whales” is just the name of the book. Read more

I was at the NASCAR race at Michigan on Sunday, and for some reason that dude with the big obnoxious Trump trailer was tooling around the parking/tailgating areas. The race was rained out. Read more

Ohhhhhh man you picked one of the vehicles with the fewest reliability concerns. I’m not here to defend FCA, but any third party metrics rate the 300 as “pretty dece” for initial quality and reliability Read more

152,000 on my 2005 Magnum RT. Replaced the front control arms at 100K and that’s been the only major undertaking.

Yes, the interior sucks and quite a few annoying things have happened due to flimsy plastic components failing (hello pink thingy), but my point is don’t lump the LX platform in with the rest of that mess :) Read more

The 500L is absolutely MURDERING Fiat in all quality/reliability metrics. It was a disaster. Read more

Remember when FCA declared that their goal was to be on par with Toyota for initial quality by 2018? Read more

If those CAFE standards suddenly disappear, perhaps we should investigate the Italians for influencing the election instead of the Russians... Read more

I definitely did some laps on these as well. The Pro model is so much more comfortable with the actual tires...but it’s $1600. Still though, if I had an application for one of these, I’d be all over it. Read more

i’ve heard that the mid-90's Lexus LS400 with the 4.0L V8 will ride and control remarkably well around 140mph. Read more

I’ve been a Dale Jr fan his whole career. Read more

NASCAR is safer than it has ever been and has been getting safer over the course of Edwards’ career.

Not unlike football, people are also more aware of the risks than ever. Read more

it’s called a SAFER barrier. Read more

i don’t care, i already have a car :) Read more

it has stuff guys like like the rims and the sleekness to the body Read more

Heath Shuler was a big-time NFL bust for Washington who later became a Congressman Read more

It’s like having a Friday wedding to keep costs down. Yeah, costs will be lowered...because a lot of people won’t come. Read more


Sure, it got better, but the pilot is still hilarious. Read more

NASCAR fan here. Brian France sucks shit and has no idea what he’s doing. Read more