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Jun 3 2015

Waiting for someone to make noise about how TVR will lose its soul by becoming more innovative and structurally sound.

Feb 3 2015

TIL: Gearbox troubles are the bane of inventive race cars.

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Feb 3 2015

Oh my god am I tired of the jaded snark of some Jalopnik posts. Why does everything have to be either masturbatory hyperbole or decidedly nonplussed bitterness? Read more

Feb 3 2015

Ford has said it will send up to 70% of the available power to the rear axle, and from there it can send up to 100% of the available drive torque sent to the rear axle to one of the two rear wheels, not that it will ever send 100% of the torque to one wheel. Therefore it's a maximum of 70% of the available torque can Read more

Jan 13 2015

The TTV6 makes way more sense because it is already a tested and homologated engine for endurance racing. No point in dropping R&D and other costs into a totally new engine.

Jan 8 2015

Mike Fuller tends to be pretty good on these sorts of things, although I agree that some of the numbers sound a bit crazy. What Raph failed to mention, and what I think is crazier, is that this car is rumored to have several design decisions (heavy front weight bias, no rear wing, combustion engine on the front axle, Read more

Jan 8 2015

I'm just not really sure how much a Quaife would help in my application. Road America is a big track with long, wide corners. Wheelspin really hasn't been a major problem. I'm guessing a lot of my heat is just coming from the turns in - general with the inside brakes gently being applied. I need to get more air in Read more

Jan 7 2015

It's the same damned old formula...make a few in bright blue and red for the press, then churn out a gillion black, grey and white ones that are flogged to people whose driver's licenses are still fresh, all anxious to prove how tough they are. Only one out of 100 will be used to its capability, as posers drive from Read more

Jan 7 2015

As a person who tracks a Focus ST, that "Torque Vectoring" system they use is more of a hindrance than a help on big, fast tracks. If it didn't have this system, I'd probably keep the car longer. Instead, a new track car awaits. Read more

Jan 4 2015

What i see here is not similar looking cars, but cars with a completely different aero-concept. Toyota is directing the air over the very low body, while Porsche has a high body and airflow through the car. Similar differences can be seen at the rear. These cars are worlds apart if it comes to bodywork.