Aug 4

The silver lining is that people really seem interested in it. I was hoping people wouldn’t sleep on a rather fun-looking title and a fresh BR take that wasn’t pew-pew.

Aug 3

I’ve only ever written one book, and it had a mistake in it, and I was mortified. Couldn’t sleep for days, because there was no way to change it, and it was THERE on the paper FOREVER. Read more

Jul 20

Our own Nathan Grayson told me,this is my chance to keep alive the memory of Mischief Makers for the Nintendo 64, so I guess I have to contribute this time!”

But then he got busy and forgot or something. RIP.

(shake shake)

Jul 20

I have been WAITING for SMTV on the PS3/PS4 but I got Catherine instead and have been a bitter bitch for a DECADE. Read more

Jul 20

I said it before and I’ll say it again... it’s fucking disgusting that wearing a mask has become such a stupidly political issue. Read more

Jul 19

Words like that, you’re gonna make your daddy mad. D’Argo, tell them who’s their daddy?

Jul 19

Maybe banthas have ineffective digestive systems. On first pass, they don’t digest all the nutrients available in their food. Coprophagia and rumination are real things in real-world animals, and it’s possible banthas need to do it too, but never evolved the rumen and supporting systems. Read more

Jul 19

Or microsleeping in a dungeon; dozing off while still running through the maze of interim halls and waking up just in time to stop before aggroing the boss.

Jul 10

Planetes is a really good and grounded sci-fi about space garbage collectors, is not very known but I loved it.

Jul 9

While those who prefer PC, Xbox, and PlayStation are all completely rational and reasonable people.

Jul 8

to be that guy, its an essential sign in scuba diving.
Thumbs up is a sign of surfacing, usually if there is an issue. OK is a sign that everything is good.

Jan 18

Sir! Life frequently finds ways to challenge and unsettle our perceived mores. You must not think of this setback as a refutation of your bonafides, but rather an incentive to increase their scope! Bikini porn pop is but the first step into the wilds of the uncivilized east! Your fellow true men of culture stand with Read more