Sep 8

Ideas? Scott doesn’t have a single idea in his hollow little head. He makes stylized popcorn movies. Stale, soulless popcorn movies that ceased to be remotely entertaining decades ago. As for this android shit, for the love of god let it go. You have less to offer on the topic than a really bad Data episode of “Star Read more

Apr 10

I dunno, I kinda liked the scene in the original where she and Hawkeye fight to see who gets to sacrifice themselves. Neither wanted the other to go but more than that neither wanted to not save the other from having to die. This is a fine action scene and I do like the idea that Thanos is more actively pursuing them, Read more

Mar 1

Remember when this site had complete radio silence on James Gunn because of a targeted campaign by right-wing trolls to discredit him and Meatwadf was our hero?
Read more

Feb 24

This scene gave me chills when I saw it for the first time.  Jimmy Scott’s “Sycamore Trees” was the perfect music for Cooper’s Orpheus-esque decent into Hell.

Feb 24

Dougie and The Mitchum Brothers out in the Las Vegas desert with a cherry pie. David Lynch did the impossible and made me adore a character played by Jim Belushi.

Feb 20

This show has bottomed out. That was....absolutely fucking atrocious. Embarrassing to watch, often painful to sit through. The only character who doesn’t come out looking like a complete idiot, or just making me cringe, was Rios, despite his absurd, pimp-tastic outfit. Read more

Jan 13

When you make British aristocrats the good guys, you’ve really gone too far.

Oct 21 2019

i, too, was mesmerized by the cartoon bulge

Oct 21 2019

Is it just me, or does Mujoe seem have an insanely large sack?

Oct 10 2019

There is no such thing as “woke culture”, it’s just people learning not to be assholes to each other.

Aug 20 2019

He’s one of the Evil Exes in the Scott Pilgrim movie, played by Chris Evans. 

Jul 10 2019

Weird that this pit has docked ears. In the 24th century humans are supposed to be over barbaric shit. 

Apr 10 2019

Facts and science are enemies of the Trump administration.