Feb 26

I taught my grandma how to use facetime and since then, the “burden” of daily non urgent care has been shared amongst about 15 people instead of the couple ones that drove to check on her regularly.

tech can be very helpful, especially so when every burden falls on the same one because “dude you’re right there, we are Read more

Dec 12

I want an episode of The Flash where Barry travels through time again, and Gary spends the whole story following him around, impotently trying to stop him.

Dec 12

I’d love to hear each and every member of Legends to exclaim “Dammit, Barry!”. At least one per episode.

Dec 12

I’ve thought for a while that a Legends season (or even half-season) should have a twist that the bad guy causing all of the issues they’re seeing in the timeline is Barry.

Dec 12

I’d argue that the original Crisis on Infinite Earths only helped the DC universe a little bit and then hindered it a lot. Sure, there were a lot of alternate Earths and a lot of stuff to remember and combining the JSA and JLA into one world was a good idea (even if it did result in the Hawkman Problem), but Read more

Dec 11

I wasn’t a kid that long ago, but even 20 years ago when I was a depressed pre-teen, my parents were staunchly against any mental health interventions of any kind. It’s good that people are more accepting of therapy now. If you suspected your child had a physical health problem, from asthma to bad eyesight, to Read more

Jul 28

Ganondorf might have been rehydrated, but now everyone else is parched.

Jul 28

He may be well hydrated but there’s a lot of girls and guys suffering from some serious thirst as a result.

Jun 4 2019

Wow this owns. Shoot me an email at Gita.jackson at Kotaku dot com!

Mar 24 2018

I love reading, but the fetishization of all books is just so irritating. I’ve had people chastise me for dogearing pages of my own mass market paperbacks. One, it’s a mass market paperback that I probably bought from the used bookstore, and two, I bought it, not you. If I want to eat every page after I’ve read it, Read more

Mar 24 2018

also, I call bullshit. I know a couple of librarians, and a number of true bibliophiles. Books *can* be precious objects. There is art and craft in a well bound book. The illustrations or photos in others are works of art unto themselves. Read more