Dec 12

I would say that dumping aliens into the remaining Earth reality would have a beneficial effect on the extended show universe. It would allow each show to break out of the Freak of the Week formula and change it up, inject more drama and messages. The shows wouldn’t have to continue to be so focused on catching the Read more

Sep 22

This just completely guts me. Eisenberg’s portrayal of Nog helped me process my PTSD.

Jun 12 2019

Hamill has changed his story a bit over the years. The first time he told this, he described how he was playing Mozart in London in Amadeus. He used his Amadeus laugh in the audition because it was spooky and unnerving and he knew he could get the part with it. Read more

Jun 8 2019

I get that it’s tangentially sci-fi, but do you really need to give any more free press to Kevin Hart after what he said?

Jun 4 2019

Please. Please make this a reality. The world desperately needs this.

Apr 24 2019

Oh no, I belittled something and got some pushback and since I am a stupid bully I don’t know how to respond so I will say goodbye and pretend that I won.”

Apr 5 2019

That chili dog thing is like one of the enduring memes about the character. 

Feb 24 2019

Please tell that to Terry Crews. And Brendan Fraser. And Anthony Rapp. And James Van Der Beek. And Michael Gaston. And Shia LaBeouf.

Feb 20 2019

I first heard about all of this earlier this week and it sickens me to my stomach. I wrote about three articles on the O-deck back when Star Trek Continues came out praising the show and I’m really angry that such an amazing project is now forever tainted by him. Read more

Feb 18 2019

Doom 3: after sneaking through this hellish facility for hours and only surviving by the skin of my teeth, I entered a room, turned to look at the wall and freaked out at my own reflection in a mirror and shot all of the ammo in my clip at it.

Feb 12 2019

I’ve got a long history now of buying books both recommended by and written by the io9 staff but somehow I missed Annalee's first book! Looks like a have a couple of purchases to make! 

Jan 21 2019

Can’t tell if joking or if want to make banana phone joke regardless

Jan 21 2019

While he has excellent points, the original gave me something close to a panic attack with its score by Goblins. Which, I guess, was the point of it.

Nov 29 2018

You kidding? The Dredd from the comics would fucking love Trump.