Jul 6

Never had to work outside for a few hours in 100+ degree heat, have you?

Jul 2

You can ignore all the other fancy words like “antioxidant” and “natural” on the bottle.
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Jun 11

I really want to see The Punisher marching along with the protests and just go on a rampage and shoot up a bunch of cops - twist the symbol back around and see how many cops want to show off their skull stickers and iron-on patches.

Jun 4

If you can afford it, then yeah it’s cheap for a gaming laptop. But if you’re out of work, yeah no it’s hella expensive. Definitely not out of touch with reality.

May 28

This ‘family as performance’ shit is angering in ways I cannot reasonably put into words using my mushy quarantine brain. Read more

May 27

Okay, I won’t :). If I can’t toss an ultimate disc on the beach then it’s too crowded.

Mar 11

Then don’t go to the site. And never share your streaming service account, which is also stealing. And don’t post images to Facebook that you just find on the internet, which is a blatant violation of copyrights, etc etc

Mar 1

Anyone complaining about ”cancel culture” is suspect in my book.  I believe certain reactions or overreactions can be debated, but there's been a lot of shit brought to the surface that's long overdue. Gunn was hardly "cancelled" he was trolled and unfortunately Disney took the bait. Gunn still had fans supporting him Read more

Feb 29

Wait so the name of the sequel to Suicide Squad is THE Suicide Squad?

Jan 23

You’re gonna get old or sick someday and realize you were just an ableist asshole. Wait and see. Read more

Jan 22

Now I’m definitely not Team Pete, but I’m with him on this. If you go head-to-head with the best (and most correct) cookout dishes you will lose. The only winning move is not to play.

Oct 25 2017

To be on Reddit your comment only needed to end with, “Then everyone applauded and they shut down the carnival for the day.”