I notice you seem to have spelled “Muppet’s Christmas Carol” incorrectly there. That’s OK, we all make mistakes.

Jan 16

Absolutely do not compost dog poop. This is terrible advice that no one recommends for a reason.

Jan 14

Why would they be filthy? Do you not wash your shears?

Jan 11

I am thinking ED as that is where the big money is, and multiple orgasms are already possible without the gadgetry. 

Jan 6

Honestly, bring on Cars 4 if it fuels things like Luca and the like. Get that paper, Docter.

Dec 16

If you can walk into a drunken bar, casually call someone the name of a team, and not expect to get punched.

Dec 6

Every single car does this automatically. It’s how defroster settings work.

Dec 4

Is this true though or just urban car legends that people don’t really have any proof of but just “think” its good practice? What about cars that sit on dealers lots for weeks and weeks without moving? I doubt the dealer is going out to dozens of cars to start and just periodically drive them around?

Nov 17

But if the Ducks evolved from ducks, why are there still ducks, Rob? Why are there still ducks?

Nov 17

I don’t know that buttermilk is “gourmet.” It’s a pretty common ingredient in the south!

Nov 10

This is like the WORST script treatment for fucking Inception I ever read....only its real.

Nov 10

The other piece is how the exploitative upper crust is always shown as an alien force out of New York City or New England sophisticates.
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Nov 9

I really like our Rokus; however, you’ll want to install a whole-network ad/internet blocker (e.g., Pi-Hole, AdGuard, etc.), as Rokus are notorious for phoning home... a lot:

Nov 5

The fact that you are writing a letter asking if it’s okay, pretty much tells you it isn’t. If your husband hadn’t been willing and able, this would be a non issue. He is the key piece of the puzzle, not the person he acted out with. Read more

Nov 5

My understanding is gendered insults are bad because they weaponize existing inequalities, not because you cannot criticize another woman. I can hate and curse out Ivanka all I want without needing to say ‘she’s bad AND she’s a woman’. Just leave the second part out, it doesn’t add anything. Read more

Oct 22

But that’s exactly the point - we’re not supposed to know Han is a good guy. I get that Lucas is dealing with archetypes, with obvious good guys and bad guys, but Han still fits into a mold - the rogue who turns out to have a heart of gold. We’re supposed to believe he’s out for himself, he says throughout the whole Read more