Not That Al

Here's our current sweetie.

It came out a couple of years ago, it's a quick read. As a pit fan, I teared up a fair amount but it's all good. Read more

What! That's terrible. Sometimes I really hate people. I have a brother in law who had an epic freak out that we adopted another pit bull after our previous one passed away. She is the sweetest dog you could ever meet. If you saw her with my two kids you'd see why they were known as 'Nanny dogs'. My 14-month old can Read more

One of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick's dog-fighting ring does this program (I finally had a chance to read "Lost Dogs", I know, I'm a bit late). Read more

Fucking earbuds are a hazard. I bike to work and I've gotten used to slowing way the hell down when I catch up to joggers because even if I ring a bell a dozen times, at least half of the time when I go around the jogger/ rollerblader (rb's are the worst because they take up the whole damn path) they practically jump Read more

And the 00-06 (IIRC) Hondas... the trans was so bad they settled a class-action lawsuit about it. Read more

Yep, without that gruesome realization I was thinking that was just some bs urban legend. Nope, that was a decapitated body sitting in a go cart. Whoa. My condolences to the family. Read more

I had a similar experience. I couldn't fit 2 car seats in my beloved '87 Toyota so I started to look for an extended cab T100. People wanted $8k for 2wd T100's if they had less than 200k miles on them... for a 15 year old truck! So I said screw it I'll get a minivan and treat it like a truck. First trip we took in it Read more

Please post some $5k S2000s. I've looked and never found one. Right now I even find salvage titled S2000s for $10k. On the East coast S2ks seem to have hit a bottom of $10-$12k. Read more

Got a bit too angry with the front end. Those eyebrows and that gaping maw are bit over the top.

I can only imagine how much nicer it would look and how much space it would have if only it had a proper roof line. Read more

excellent choice.

Came here to post this. A friend of mine had one of those in grad school so when I saw this I immediately thought WTF? BMW Elantra GT???? Read more

I can't believe they cut/broke the windshield in half, that just takes it just that extra step into crazyland. Read more

Excellent exhaust routing choice! Video please, that must have sounded glorious! Read more

Our oldest just turned 3 in the fall and although we try to keep Christmas small, the sheer volume of stuff from relatives was a bit absurd. As I unloaded the van last night I really couldn't believe it. Part of the problem is that stuff is so cute and so cheap that people can't help themselves (I had to exercise Read more

ouch. That's an expensive first wife. I hope your finances survived the split. I didn't realize it at the time but in retrospect, I think one of the signs that my wife was a good match for me was in grad school when we bought a used sofa for $40. We still have it 8 years later and affectionately refer to it as one of Read more

... and another Isuzu-

Perhaps this qualifies as "Cool but Terrible"- Isuzu Vehicross

Agreed, the original Audi A4 is a great example of how a single good design can reverse a company's fortune. Audi was wallowing in the pits after the unintended acceleration affair and their sales were crap. Then they came out with this beautifully proportioned, clean, competent, reasonably priced car, the A4. And you Read more