Judging from the number of Amish communities in the western part of the state, it might be German... then again, lots of Hebrew spoken in the Catskills... and I've seen road signs in Seneca near the reservations... interesting question! Read more

No idea what the distribution would be, but I know there are a hell of a lot of people near the universities upstate whose first language is something other than English or Spanish. I would guess Chinese is pretty high in the ranking, although I could see other Asian languages well represented also. Read more

I think the third most spoken language if NYC/LI wasn't included would either be French or German. Read more

There is an enormous Filipino population in Norcal. Read more

I have no idea if that Star Wars quote at the end is this guy's email signature, or if he just thought that would be the perfect zinger to end his scathing rant with. Read more

Possibly the stupidest idea I've ever heard. Everybody knows it should be made of ice. Read more

I'm an asshole and here's why: Read more


Luckily, not everyone wants to read everything, so that gives us time to read the one or two personally treasured books that we can read over and over and over and still love every time. Read more

"A little thing that can turn into anything at anytime." Read more

I'll say it, this is a horrible idea.

Yeah but it's right by Abishek's desk and he always gives me this look when I'm standing on top of his filing cabinet, like IT is really that important, gosh. Read more

Because they still look flippin rad Read more

I believe the Atlases were all decommissioned once NASA stopped using them as launch platforms. That picture is from 1965, 2 years after Atlas was replaced by the Minutemen. After NASA stopped using them, it is my understanding that all of them, minus a few on display at places like Kennedy Space Center and the Air Read more

Ha. That one guy in the audience who is NOT jumping up and down screaming because he knows that's more than "a pretty sports car" and his jaw is on the floor. Read more