Sherrod DeGrippo
Sep 17 2015

It’s adorable when people discover things that are common knowledge as if they’ve found the Seven Cities of Gold or a dollar bill with a palindromic serial number.

Aug 24 2015

The Smiths >>>>>> his solo music. Tbh except for a few songs, i find his solo music dull af

Aug 20 2015

I am so happy with my own decision to NEVER PUSH A HUMAN BEING OUT OF MY BODY EVER IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. I become more comfortable with it with each passing year and terrifying article.

Aug 19 2015

I’ve always enjoyed his philosophy of mixing the historical stuff, but also focusing on interacting with locals.

Aug 17 2015

I’ve been once and it’s legit strange. You can either take it all at face value and enjoy the Jacuzzi in the middle of your carpeted suite or you can look at it as kitsch and enjoy the Jacuzzi in the middle of your carpeted suite. To me, it works best as kitsch. Read more

and 1 more
Aug 17 2015

On the one hand I hate the entire Greek system and think it needs to be dismantled. On the other, I think the malice directed at these girls is uncalled for. The video is just a bunch of young, beautiful (mostly white) women playing around. It’s not crazy sexual, it looks to me like they’re having a good time Read more

Aug 11 2015

I judge but I listened to Limp Bizkit when I was 19.