Sherrod DeGrippo
2:17 PM

For me, I like to watch “behind the scenes” clips of a scary movie first. This is a great way to remember that there is a room full of cameras, grips, assistants, a table of catering and all kinds of other stuff happening just out of frame that aren’t scary. It’s a movie and it’s important to remember that these are Read more

2:45 PM

Let’s feed the painstakingly crafted artisan bento box lunches to Jia Tolentino’s dog.

10:41 PM

I will accept your opinion, as your username suggests experience in this area. (I named my dog Suede) But I still think Morrissey’s solo albums are so much better. I also think Marr’s solo work is better than the Smiths too. They’re good together, but amazing apart.

11:29 AM

I love Morrissey. In fact, I love Morrissey’s solo work much more than I like the Smiths. I’ve seen him about 10 times live. He’s unique and there’s nothing else really like him in the world.

4:20 PM

The spa at Caesar’s is awesome! Qua baths. Definitely good. Prices M-thurs are cheaper in a lot of spas too. I am also a vampire! I brought tons of sunscreen, a little paper Chinese folding fan and a big black umbrella. I got lots of comments saying “I wish I had thought of that!”. The desert is hot and sunny. :O

2:46 PM

Vegas is great! You just need the attitude that you’re essentially on a giant cruise ship that prefers you stay on board and just do what they provide for you. There are amazing fine dining restaurants, the best spas in the US, blow your mind shopping, people watching galore and most of the large resort hotels on the Read more

2:39 PM

I lived in Vegas for 2 years for work and just got back from a 10 day trip there for a work-related conference (Blackhat/Defcon). I hated living there but love to visit, AMA.

11:58 AM

People don’t take 19 year old men seriously either. They’re just as much of a misguided joke as a 19 year old woman in a Fall Out Boy top.

7:25 PM

So many. It’s hard for me to really choose. The monthly Brazilian wax hurts terribly. But nothing compares to the pain of Juvaderm injections. They use numbing cream and it even contains an anesthetic in it and it was absolutely excruciating. I won’t have to redo it for another 9 months or so and I’m already dreading Read more

2:59 PM

I was 16 when this movie came out. My friends and I were all horrified by it and swore to never have unprotected sex, ever. The deep fear resonated into our teenage cores. Even at 16 we thought everyone we knew should see this movie. We considered it plenty to scare the hell out of anyone.

12:22 PM

That makes me really impressed by the marketers who were able to predict that would happen. Regular people go out and buy the product just to take pictures and promote it! It’s taking conspicuous consumption to new levels.

12:18 PM

Well, this was fascinating. It just shows that social media can expand a star’s influence, but then the way they use that influence is exposed.

3:23 PM

What eye cream are you using? I have one from Boots Organic, it's ok, but not really specifically for the baggie hollow things I have going on.

11:48 AM

Serious question: I have these same hollow yet puffy bags under my eyes. How do I make them go away?

11:05 AM

Everyone should employ a password manager app. I think 1Password ( is the best one, but there are plenty of others out there. Use the password generator feature, generate secure passwords and never have to worry about remembering them. This is something that IS within your control Read more

1:09 PM

You seem like you know this stuff, so can you explain it to me? I like the comic book movies, but I am not smart enough to be nerdy about it. But I really like them and want to understand!

12:03 PM

In high school I worked in a Hello Kitty store at a mall. I always worked Christmas Eve because I wanted the cash and it was basically a free-for-all. I remember one year, late 90s, two moms found the last pink backpack in the store. They grabbed it at the same time and started shoving each other and doing tug of war Read more