1:34 PM

Stories like this convince me people like this have never actually read the Bible for themselves. The only time I recall there being a prohibition of interracial marriage was actually more about religion. Israelites were having Canaanite spouses and converting to their religion. Yet the funny thing is that Jesus’ Read more

12:26 PM

Course, in the games, there is a Sinnoh myth saying people and Pokemon married each other...

10:08 PM

Honestly, I can’t even be mad at the people who issued their criticism about Apu. The Simpsons team decided they were going to address the issue in the worst way possible (the scene with Marge and Lisa) by shrugging it off and now deciding to get rid of Apu rather than evolve the character. It feels like a really Read more

12:51 PM

Sounds like he doesn’t believe that the Skywalkers should be the most important thing about the Star Wars story, of which I’d agree with him on. Doesn’t mean he holds disdain for Star Wars nor do I. Strange how people can have different ideas on a series, right?

6:38 PM

“I have posted on various comments on kinja that Rian Johnson shouldn’t be allowed to direct any more star wars movies after the last jedi became about the writer’s and/or director’s disdain for the star wars story” Read more

8:14 PM

Seems strange the “Don’t like it, don’t play it!” argument that gets tossed around whenever a game has something the so-called SJWs don’t like is now all of the sudden a bad thing.

3:29 PM

I’m actually legitimately surprised that there are people berating Pratt for his stance on Gunn. They seem to forget that he is a Christian and a large part of being a Christian is knowing people are imperfect and can change. Granted, that’s usually in the lens of coming to Christ and seeking forgiveness for your Read more

12:36 PM

I mean, I’d probably be jaded to if I had to hear nonsense about how Egyptian obelisks shot energy to fuel alien spaceships in space. Or how the pharaohs were aliens because some of them sure looked strange. Or when they go hunting for Atlantis because that was really real and aliens were involved. Read more

9:12 PM

God, the red top on that woman is just bugging the shit out of me. It just seems 

1:02 PM

So you actively are not interested in the context of why there was outrage in this case? Just a protip, if you don’t care enough to educate yourself, it’s best to not lament how “the world if a tiny step from total disaster.”

11:23 AM

The article, however, argues that this kind of scenario is something that has been repeated in David Cage games, hence the headline and not an article only revolving around this scene in Detroit. Does the scene make sense within the narrative of the game? Sounds like it, but it is a pattern in Cage’s other games.

9:58 PM

As a Halo fan, this arcade game looks alright. It’s nice to see things touched on by Halo: The Flood seemingly getting some screentime, so I’ll take it. But I think if 343 or MS thought this would placate the community, it has not.

5:45 PM

So, I’m not very knowledgeable about the whole Witcher universe, but is there anything stopping the writers from having non-white characters who come from “distant lands” and visit the place where Geralt lives?

12:55 AM

Thanos looks like he would be the kind of person with a YouTube channel dedicated to the “drama” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

9:51 PM

The more this goes on the less I understand why Rose was so damn adamant that Bismuth was wrong to suggest using the Breaking Point.