Today 11:52AM

I LOVE Alamo Drafthouse. I’ve only been to the one near me a couple of times, but the last visit was to see one of my favorite childhood cheese-fests on the big screen, “The Last Starfighter. Read more

Yesterday 6:20PM

Must have been Antifa.  /s

Yesterday 2:38PM

To be a fly on the wall at one of these hedge funds when these investor bros were calling their fathers in a panic crying “It’s not fair, father. Can’t you fix it? Don’t you know anyone?”

6/14/21 11:39AM

We haven’t moved at all. Vilifying workers looking for better pay (or any pay, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion involving the CRT boogeyman) and better working conditions has been the American way.

6/13/21 3:15PM

One of my previous cats loved hot, fresh, crinkle cut fries only from one chain restaurant (Braums). If they were not still warm or from anywhere else he wouldn’t eat them . Both cats at the time loved nacho cheese Doritos when they were young. The fry cat also liked the ranch Doritos. They grew out of the chips phase Read more

6/10/21 9:13AM

The entire mass? That’s silly. They should only launch pine trees, they have a conical shape that is more aerodynamic. Read more

6/08/21 10:14AM

Not the most important comment of the day, but why would the affadavit capitalize Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs?

6/05/21 5:03PM

Yeah, not good enough. They knew what they were doing was both illegal and unconstitutional. All law enforcement agents who did it or was aware of it and did not take actions to stop the practice should be removed from their job. Read more

6/03/21 11:41AM

Do I want to fly past the speed of sound, with United, in a plane built by a start up? Read more

5/27/21 4:31PM

Now you’ve totally put me off of this rig.  I was on the fence more because I think it would have been better served with an engine swap for more giddyup.  But now, I think I’d have to have the uniform to go with the car.