Today 4:31PM

I live in San Antonio which is right in the Drafthouse footprint and it’s really the only theatre my wife and I go to anymore.  Several years back I did an all day Lord of the Rings marathon with the extended mix version of every film which wound up to basically 12hours in the theatre.

Today 9:13AM

Two words:
Aside from taking the quality of the presentation pretty seriously AND giving multiple warnings during the pre-show they will remove your ass if you disrupt a movie.  Any time spent playing with your phone will get you removed and banned then they’ll post your drunken voice-mail complaining Read more

Yesterday 10:05AM

I live in San Antonio (unfortunately) and have to put up with the idiots of CPS for my electricity.  We received multiple letters and phone calls to sign up for their remote-access program and even a cursory reading showed immediately that we would be letting their (shitty) service set our temperature in any vaguely Read more

6/16/21 6:08PM

I was always taught that there was a Native American saying that translated roughly as
“You don’t inherit the land from your parents; you borrow it from your children.”
Since I decided early on to not reproduce, all you fuckers need to get off my land!

6/16/21 1:20PM

Good. We destroy way, way too many perfectly healthy dogs (and cats) in this country due to nobody wanting to get them fixed. Shelter and rescue resources are maxed out, in the last year specially, trying to keep this animals safe and find them homes.
Now lets begin increasing (and enforcing) legal requirements on Read more

6/16/21 1:12PM

No. But on a budget-positive note, they are the same satellites that transmit the microsoft brain-control orders to the vaccine-delivered chips we all have now.

6/15/21 12:10PM

I’m definitely digging the color options Ford is putting out right now. That red is great (I think it’s the same available on the Mustang which looks really good) and aside from the boring Silver/Black/White options all the colors stand out>

6/15/21 10:17AM

Ha.  I dated a girl just after we got out of college who was very proud of her muscular legs/thighs and proudly referred to them as “Skull crushers”.  Not only was that not a deterrent but I considered it a challenge.

6/14/21 3:16PM

I miss being inside the Braum’s footprint.  I’m going to be visiting family in OKC this weekend and will definitely be hitting every Braum’s I can while I’m there.

6/10/21 12:12PM

Oh, sure.  But remember, the moon is nothing BUT land.  No trees or forests or lumberjacks or bears or anything.  And the Bureau of LAND Management obviously holds sway there. 

6/10/21 11:12AM

That’s a brachycephalic face. That Suby probably has breathing issues and snores like a diesel generator...

6/09/21 4:24PM

This is really, really squicky.
While I don’t necessarily consider Jalopnik to be “hard journalism” I do respect the passion and rigor that the writers show in even the more light-hearted stories (Torch’s recent polemic on Delorean tail-lights, for instance...) This advertainment really puts all your reporters’ work in Read more

6/09/21 4:09PM

It’s long past time to take settlements and judgments against police officers our of their pension funds. Maybe then there will be peer pressure within the departments to stop doing stupid shit like this.

6/08/21 3:20PM

But these are the same morons who don’t understand the meaning of the word “theory” either.

6/08/21 11:30AM

Though “peaked” would also fit this usage.

6/08/21 10:51AM

So how do Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs get full capitalization but Italian organized crime not?  Seems like a bit of a slight to La Cosa Nostra, there.

6/07/21 12:17PM

Maybe this question should be restated as:
What’s your favorite (ie least believable) automotive lie?