We (me included) care way too much about such stupid/trivial things.  Read more

Many will rank RotS fairly high, but the entire sequence of Mace Windu confronting, to “No, No, NOOOO”, to Anakin turning to the dark side is the absolute nadir of Star Wars for me and sinks it very low. Read more

Somebody didn’t watch Rebels.... Read more

The shows both premiere on consecutive days as well. Read more

I will forever genuflect at the name of John Williams; he has no peer. However, Silvestri’s main hook for the Avengers is pretty darn good if you ask me. Read more

Star Wars trumps everything in every circumstance for me, but I can understand not considering it *perfect*. Read more

Oh my gosh. That song is most certainly on loop in the devil’s waiting room. Read more

I’ve never done straight EVOO, but a Blood Orange or Lime EVOO on vanilla ice cream is amazing. Read more

Do yourself a favor and listen to the Indiana Jones Minute Podcast (and Star Wars Minute Podcast while you’re at it). It’s like listening to one big sleepover of your favorite things from your childhood. Read more

Just gave me chills. Spot on. Read more

I have such an undying love for Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. There are so many ways that Star Wars can be defined for people. This game is one of them. The IMMENSE scale of those low-textured levels were always a marvel to me. The sound design and use of Williams’ score are unmatched in an SW game. Escape from Cloud Read more

Except Disney has Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Read more

Kinda-sorta related: I LOVED my black MacBook. Read more

My parents just got rid of a desk that still had shovelware from ~1994 in their original jewel cases in some of the cabinets. Read more

I get this weird twitch when Rogue Squadron is talked about as being an N64 game. It is, but it was released on PC first and is SO much better on PC.  Read more

“Don’t play with it, you’ll go blind.” Read more

Doesn’t always help for instructions, but I usually screenshot an ingredients list so I don’t have to go through the hell of scrolling to it 10 times. Read more

Siri is only ever useful on the off chance it gets my simple “Headed home” message to my wife while buckling up in the car. Read more

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