Mar 15 2019

I think I speak for most intelligent humans when I say "Stanced = Instant CP"

Dec 18 2018

20 years from now? LOLOLOLOL It’s a Tesla, it might well fail 7 times under warranty and be subject to 7 revisions before they make one that lasts until it is JUST out of warranty. But it will be easy for the monkeys/machines to slap together on the assembly line in a tent.
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Dec 18 2018

I look at that and think “that is going to be really fucking expensive to replace WHEN it fails”. And it will fail. Oh, and of course you can only buy it from Tesla, if they deign to sell you one.

Nov 10 2018

Not sure how much time firefighters should spend saving 'stuff', no matter how valuable or how much it aligns with my hobby interests.  

Nov 9 2018

I understand why the flares, just why spend so much time on the other pieces then go “F-it” on these?
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Oct 19 2018

There’s a lot of downside to going public. Besides all of the extra financial disclosure rules, you’re also at the mercy of investors who only care about stock price. If you see an investment opportunity that might take years before it starts paying off, and you can’t sell the stock buying public on that strategy you Read more

Oct 8 2018

modularity of parts is not a bad thing. It generally reduces the cost of parts and the vehicle as a whole. Additionally, more money can be spent on development because more units will be produced.

Oct 7 2018

Me too. 20 year old me thought the Prius was a dumb and terrible idea which nobody could ever possibly want because it was so horribly uncool. 35 year old me owns a Prius as a DD, because saving a ton of money on fuel and having a comfortable way to get around is definitely pretty cool.

Oct 3 2018

Good to see you sipping that kool-aid yourself. He’s an asset that’s approaching the point of becoming a liability, and he’s going to deflate and/or explode at some time in the foreseeable future. The erratic behavior is getting worse.

The fact of the matter is he literally just cost his company an extra $20 million Read more

Oct 3 2018

I read the title and the first thought was the 04 to 08 TL. And then I saw the lead picture. Glad to see we’re on the same page Tom!

Oct 2 2018

Why? Porsche was never about mass production in the same way Tesla is. 

Oct 2 2018

Toyota reliability will ensure that by the 3rd owner, oil changes will he assumed unnecessry. The car will grenande after years of abuse/neglect and ironically the BMW will last longer. Read more

Oct 1 2018

And how could BMW perpetrate such a crime as the bloated, terrible e21 when they could have just kept making 2002s forever? Every new generation of 3-series is simply an affront, I tell you. Read more