10:07 AM

I know nothing will ever lead Trump’s deranged fans to abandon him, but the idea of him cowering in a bunker because of a few hundred protesters has to put a dent in that tough guy, confrontational aspect of him they seem to love. How will Jon McNaughton portray this?

7:55 PM

Fuck 12 and everyone who supports them. If someone uses a vehicle as a weapon I hope someone else stands their ground and puts a bullet through their windshield. If you think you need to drive through a protest, don’t. Go around. Park and walk if you got to. And if an angry mob surrounds your vehicle then beg for Read more

3:31 PM

Ah, yes, because if there’s one thing we’ve all learned over the last few weeks, it’s that the cops can be trusted to do the right thing.

2:28 PM

Yeah, I’m honestly not sure how anyone who could view someone whose entire plan is, ‘people will fight each other to extinction unless I lie to them about how a larger threat is here’ could be construed as an idealist.  That is more or less the most extreme version of nihilistic cynicism.

6:59 PM

My wife said she thought we should get a pickup. Too bad she wasn't more specific. This will do. 

3:14 AM

Lets let Joe Biden explain. He was saying we weren’t prepared for a pandemic in OCTOBER, BEFORE coronavirus, just based on the Trump administrations dismantling of the pandemic response team. On that very same day, Trump was tweeting about how he doesn’t like the new iPhone buttons.

11:12 PM

The solution was to take it seriously from the beginning listen to the medical experts, and enact their recommendations on travel restrictions and stay at home orders right away. Drumph and Motherboy still won’t wear masks even though it’s widely recommended and there have been COVID-19 cases inside the whitehouse. 

9:39 PM

“I’m not racist,” said Derek Chauvin, whose knee was on George Floyd’s neck until he died, a man whose crime was having been accused of passing a fake $20 bill. Read more

6:55 PM

I think Christopher Hitchens said it best on live TV the day Falwell Sr. died: “If you gave Falwell an enema, he could be buried in a matchbox.” Now that’s how you call someone full of shit.

1:23 PM

This is one of those moments where the phrase “class war” becomes as literal as it can get. It’s also the moment where the governing class’ typical strategy to deflect from class warfare (namely, divide and conquer) becomes as transparently obvious as it can be. Read more