Jul 7

For non-stick pans I have used a melamine sponge (a.k.a. Magic Eraser) to get off real tough hardened grime. Then do a gentle clean with soap or baking soda and add some oil as mentioned in the article. Read more

Mar 7

Regardless if whether any of us agree or disagree with his opinion, Bubba is correct that this is a very poorly (non-existently) cited article. It reads as more of a rant or opinion piece. And throwing ad hominem insults about him (Bubba) and his choice of cars is lazy and a poor excuse for debate.

Oct 21

What if you broke it trying to reinstall it though? I would have gone with a note to the owner to check his headlight fairing. Read more

Sep 26

Finally, a truck that can haul around your mom.

Sep 13

As mundane as that could be, I’d be interested to learn about this.

Jul 17 2019

He was let go because he’s the only guy in Iowa with a personality

Apr 19 2019

A few people might want to kick your RS4 that pun... 

Apr 1 2019

They’d definitely find a way to involve themselves in that. The NCAA would assume/argue that it was a pre-existing arrangement worked out ahead of time during the player’s recruitment or during the season...and in most cases, the NCAA probably would be correct in assuming that. Read more

Apr 1 2019

Let’s not get carried away. $17k is a used car loan, not exactly “crippling debt”. 

Feb 26 2019

When European Collectibles included a Certificate of Authenticity with the sale, they took on the liability. European Collectibles might not be guilty of forging the car, but that Cert makes them responsible for making it right.