Feb 24

To only think 10 years ahead would be far too nearsighted, but its an important near-term goal. Anything earth-mineral or based is finite. Nuclear etc, is a stopgap, it will run out too, and to think we are wise enough to harness the atmospheric tides with zero environmental impact is lunacy. I think we can both agree Read more

Feb 24

Solar power is the only form of extra-terrestrial power and should be the only one we would legitimately consider for a 10,000 year or longer vision of sustainability.

source: i live on earth, and the sun isn’t on earth. anything else we will eventually realize has side effects we cant anticipate or control.

Nov 4

There is an s2000 Rally twice a year that I participate in. One of the founders recently picked up one of these AMG super shuttles and brought it to play. Sometimes we get lotus, maclaren, etc. This year he was in my group fronted by a new NSX, M6 and this big merc chasing in slot 3.
I can vouch first hand for

Oct 31

Does that include driver Pay, because that would be a neat opportunity cost.
like we can have Seb/Ham OR we can use ten more engines per season.

Oct 29

rotary being unreliable has been debunked over and over. the last NA rotary made almost 100 more HP than the current miata mill and both piston adn roto weighed about 300lbs, but roto can be mounted lower so better center of gravity.
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Sep 20

that dash hits the School Bus aesthetic.

I had a volvo p1800 with a similar issue. We were able to spread/pop the friction plate from the flywheel with a screwdriver sized prybar through an access hole, but worst case youre doing a fresh clutch job which becomes a good selling point.

Sep 17

I doubt there was ever much publicity risk for Tesla. If they run faster, great. If they get anywhere close they can say they got 9/10ths for 1/2 the price.

The ‘wrong’ way is all relative to your perspective. Porsche’s car is brand new and the Tesla has been developed actively for 7 years. Adding talent to the Tesla Read more

Sep 16

happens to us all, we get a little older, and we just can’t kick it like we used to.

Sep 12

I’ll wait for more input but when I was a landy tech we saw a lot of head replacements.

Aug 24

I mean, you guys know they made mazdaspeed Miatas and it’s the same chassis, right!?

Jul 19 2019

Go east my son. If you do what I did and move to the opposite side of town, you always have the sun at your back, casting a silhouette of your awesomeness.

Jul 16 2019

Bring over the AWD, add some VW badges and you have yourself an Golf R, and likely an MSRP to match.

Why anyone consider buying a $40K Mazda hatchback unless it has triangles in the engine bay is beyond me.

Jul 15 2019

pretty sure that wealth is so concentrated there really wouldn’t be much to eat.

Jun 24 2019

my guess is that the used EV stuff will get time under it and we’ll have super-capacitor boosters and over-volted hardware. Calling it now: the colors will be wild.

Jun 19 2019

slightly different. it would be like if when Ali won, other boxers didn’t get as much food.