Same Sad Echo
Jan 26 2020

Yes. This case is one of the best examples out there of a victim doing everything right in the aftermath of an assault and still getting totally chewed up by the system. She told a friend. She went to the hospital. She got an exam done. The exam documented evidence, including bruising around her throat (Bryant choked Read more

Jan 23 2020

Watching Anne Hathaway fail to illicit even a small spark during a Between Two Ferns episode demonstrates just what a chore she is... I’m a Joan Didion reader but this sounds horrible.

Oct 22 2019

Scariest movie I’ve seen in a long time. And it’s only 60 seconds long.

Sep 16 2019

Can we root for them to be so bad that the 1972 Dolphins retroactively have their perfect season stripped so we never have to hear about it again?

Sep 5 2019

I’m gonna get exposed to a flyover tonight and be asked to stand for the National Anthem even though I’m just there to watch a football game.

Aug 27 2019

Unbelievably, I had to correct this from “100% TRUMP supporter” to “110% TRUMP supporter.” 

Aug 27 2019

The soccer comments are dickish because Billy has been told the same complaints about his writing over and over and over for years - enough with the ridiculous paragraph-long run-on sentences, the use of fourteen paragraphs to make an incredibly banal point that could have been made in two sentences, the constant Read more

Aug 1 2019

This is Chris Thompson suddenly noticing the low fuel light on his DeadLettersmobile, and pulling into the nearest station.

Jul 29 2019

oh yeah dude. huge oversight on my part not including a lengthy aside disavowing ariana grande in this post. I'll get right on that 

Jul 25 2019

1) The kid who recently got picked up by ICE was an American citizen. His mother even brought his birth certificate and they insisted it was fake. He spent a month sleeping on a floor in an overcrowded cell with 60 men. The kid lost 20 pounds because these concentration camps aren’t providing basic food or medical Read more

Jul 24 2019

A note to all of the “I don’t tip because it’s a broken system, and it won’t get fixed until we stop playing along” types: Read more